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Showing How Much You Care

Looking for a way to declare to  someone how much they mean to you?   Wondering what would mean more than any other compliment you might contrive?  Mulling how you could let someone else know how utterly incredible and special they are?  Then look for the magic of affirmation. Look at ways you can let someone else know how uniquely wonderful, special, incredible they are to you.  Divulge ways of describing how they have opened vistas of the world to you.  Reveal secrets that explain to them how unusually gifted they have been in opening you to yourself, others to themselves, the day to its own wonders and gifts.

The kindest compliment of all comes when you unlock the door to the peculiar sensations of how much you find your friend, your companion, your spouse, your partner, your special other special and unique, wonderful and spectacular.  Isn’t it a gift to yourself, as well as to another, when you let them know just how much they and their presence mean to you?  Why not choose to identify some other with whom you can open windows to them about how much they create and give meaning to the universe?  Isn’t it amazing how much we learn, draw, find in the exchange with another valuable insights and lessons, joys and revelations we might never have known without them? Isn’t it a miracle when someone else pays us the kindest compliment of all, the one that lets us know, at least to them, how special we are, how valuable our presence, how treasured our relationship?

Creating Opportunity

It doesn’t come as often as it might.  Sometimes it is detoured, headed off by non generous thoughts and less than kindly feelings.  Sometimes it is discouraged by negatives, depleted by unkindnesses, voided by circumstance.  But, then again, it can emerge with a generous outpouring of caring, sensitivity, thoughtfulness, a simply expressed kind word, a warm touch, a lasting embrace.  Maybe there are more of such experiences and wonders, opportunities for affirmation out there than we know. How do we open ourselves to them?  What must we do to be one who draws such to ourselves and gives such to others?  The kindest compliment of all is offering affirmation to another. Let someone know how much they mean, what their presence in your life does to make your days better, how they have come to be one of those to whom you look forward to encountering and drawing the enrichment of another spectacular day.

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