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Jul 29th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Every weekday, the line at the top of the page reads ADD NEW POST.  Every weekday the reminder is there telling me I must come up with another article.  Five of them a week.  So far Senior Moments has hosted almost 500 such articles. Some have been mediocre, others a little more stimulating, still others have likely not generated much to their credit.  This has been going on for two years come this August.  As Cool Hand Luke declared in the movie of the same name, when he was calculating his next escape, “It gives me something to do.”  So does Senior Moments.  It gives me something to do.  Retirees frequently search for meaning and purpose; those conditions are necessary for productive aging.  The computer age is a bonus for many retirees; the computer is a marvelous instrument.   Its sounds are not particularly musical, but its servant-hood in doing what I ask it to do is.

Whatever else I might have been doing when pecking out those hundreds of words and occasional good ideas is anybody’s guess.  The list likely would run something like this: napping, reading novels, watching movies, napping, walking the dogs, snacking, napping, day dreaming, napping and finally napping.  That happens as some of us pass 70.  It is often not a particularly mesmerizing wonder land.  Some are able to do more productive things with their time than others.  Shopping used to be an attraction, but not so much anymore.  That has diminished in its appeal.  But ADD NEW POST is always there, every Monday through Friday, which turns into Sunday through Thursday.  I suppose such prompting is really good for me.  It is much like our two dogs, who nudge us to remember that it is time for their walk every morning, seven days a week.  Such reminders help us to do something, when nothing might be the choice.  Such repeated routine allows us to use our minds and bodies more productively than otherwise we might.  It is also rewarding at the end of the day or the beginning of the next to check up on how many of our friends choose to visit us.  Those numbers tell us that our labors have not been in vain, ignored or overlooked.

So every day, when the title shows up in that top box under Senior Moments, remember how it got there.  Something read, reminded, mentioned, heard, seen, felt, urged, generated, seen, recalled, said, hinted brought it to mind.  From there the computer and man began holding hands again until something appeared on the page and a title replaced ADD NEW POST.  Hope you are enjoying it.

Addendum:  For the first time we are adding a Disclaimer to this column, which will appear daily on Senior Moments. Please see Disclaimer Page found on the Navigation Bar on Home Page.

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