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Making Lemonade From Lemons

During a recent recovery from an uncomfortable illness, I discovered watching Travel Shows with an emphasis on international cuisine. The discovery helped not only the recovery, but inspired interest in foods, not previously enjoyed.  Kind of like making lemonade from lemons.

The experience of traveling to exotic and intriguing cultures is itself a feast.  But adding to that becoming acquainted with foods and spices, mixtures and montages of colorful and luscious tastes and new experiences for the palate is like exploring the bottom of the ocean.  I never knew such wonders existed.

Wonderment of New Experiences

Not only did I lose interest in my ailments while watching these shows, I also began to learn a whole new world of food experiences existed beyond my life experience.  The descriptions were so graphic that I even began getting hungry watching the productions.  So I have some suggestions for those of you who might want to take your mind off whatever is ailing you.

If you are going to watch a show in which new dishes are described in detail, be sure to take notes. Be aware of the subtle ingredients, such as spices mixed together for sharp and inviting tastes.  Don’t overlook the time for cooking, the satisfaction of experimental tastings along the way, the suggestions for adding surprises as the food is cooked and served.

Prepare a journal, so that when you are in the confines of your own kitchen, surrounded with all the appropriate delicacies, you may prepare a meal of incomparable pleasure for your family and/or guests to enjoy and relish.    Create an international event by bringing together neighbors and friends around a table, laden with a menu that is both intriguing, unusual and pleasant. Inspire others to take on the idea by preparing foods endemic to other lands.  Broaden your perspective of cultures and flavors through the satisfaction of dining together during an evening that transports you from your own dining room to the luxuries of another world.

Watching television has never been so delectable.

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