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Senior Interest in SCJ Philosophy

The other day I introduced an older gentleman and his lovely wife, who were just one table over from us in a local restaurant, to Senior Citizen Journal.  His appropriate question was:  “Well, what approach do you take?”

While I might have been taken aback, I was quickly aware I was dealing with a very astute contemporary senior observer.  Everybody is somewhat suspicious these days.  And everybody is met so often with some self serving agenda, that such a question is quite appropriate and well deserved.

A Commitment to Productive Aging

Because SCJ has become more and more well received, I am quite happy to have an answer, which I think serves well.  We are not in the business of provoking, but Senior Citizen Journal (SCJ) is invested in evoking the wide spectrum of issues which are common to those of us who are seniors. On occasion we may address some issue which may have the potential for disagreement, but the overwhelming majority of our articles are designed to help us as we age and to do so productively.

Readers will likely find the SCJ ‘approach’ familiar to those who dedicated their lives to helping people.  Our editors are retired clergy, social workers and educators–all professions oriented toward helping people live the best they can, including seniors trying to find the productive aging route.

The gentleman very kindly took my proffered card and we bade farewell very respectfully.  Whether he has visited us or not, I have no idea.  Perhaps so.  And when he has or does, I trust he will find something worthwhile here to stir his endorphins and to identify ways to continue making his own life rich and fulfilling.

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