A Senior Exercise: Looking Back, Leaning Forward, Stepping Up

Jul 15th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Exercise is probably the most highly recommended activity, particularly for seniors, of any that are designed to be productively healthy.  There are some other exercises that, while not so often recommended by health professionals, may produce equally positive results. 

LOOKING BACK: Reviewing one’s past, with a sense of objective appreciation, requires turning your head as far to the right and to the left as possible.  This also benefits back up in an automobile when exiting a parking place.  This is an exercise, more for the purpose of loosening your neck, than recalling what happened way back then.  Observing seniors, I mean really physically affected seniors, backing out their car excites generous humor.  If  laughter is also a good exercise, don’t overlook finding humor in daily life. 

This looking back routine, for backers up, includes turning the head aabout 30 degrees, looking in that direction to ascertain there is nothing there and then executing backing the car to its desired destination.  Anyone, who is a quick observer, will be quick to recognize that anything outside the 30 degree field of vision is likely to experience a frightening collision.  This is a case when, either someone else needs to be backing up the vehicle, or more exercise in less dangerous situations  may be done.

LEANING FORWARD: Ordinarily a part of a well structured exercise regimen, this also is a helpful morning exercise.  Lean forward on the balls of your feet, while pushing against a wall and thrusting yourself backward, not too fast, to a standing position.  Repeat several times.  Leaning forward allows you to put your whole body into the activity.  Lean in, involve yourself wholly, be a part of what’s going on.  In conversations, let your own person be in the group, don’t dominate it, just be a part of it.  Lean in.  Offer your presence, your background, which you have just reviewed by looking back, and contribute your ideas and opinions. 

Now that you have looked back and leaned forward, it is time for you to engage in the most courageous activity of all:  STEPPING UP:  This activity is often associated with volunteering to be on the team, but it assumes much more than a decision.  It implies your willingness to stand and run in place.  It means being willing to be a part of something which may go nowhere at first, but will offer you the benefit of increased oxygen, enabling your heart rate to beat faster, finding that moving is superior to immobility, even if you aren’t going anywhere.  Step up, give yourself permission to be  brave enough, present enough, willing to risk enough that you will step up for whatever the challenge requires. 

These three exercises may offer a series of opportunities to shake you  up enough that your body and spirit will find glorious new adventures opening incredible undertakings allowing you to discover new energy and vibrance in your being.

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