A New Feature for Senior Citizens: SCJ Video

Nov 6th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Senior Citizen Journal is adding a new feature this week.  We had the privilege of interviewing a national Hospice expert, Patricia M Olsen, RN, BSN, MPH, from Iowa.  She began to shed some light on the issues facing seniors, including hospice care (end of life choices) and how those issues interface with the national health insurance issues we all are concerned about.

One of the concerns that has arisen from health care reform coming from the national scene is what happens to our elderly seniors facing imminent end of life, or approaching that scenario.  Patricia Olsen objectively addresses those issues, and makes it clear that the path began in 1983, not in 2009.  She identifies the mandate:  end of life choices remain with the individual experiencing those choices.  That was true in 1983 and remains true in 2009.

Pat Olsen has a clear depiction of both history and mandate so far as nationally supported health care for the elderly is concerned.  She separates fact from fiction. 

The first of three SCJ video interviews with Pat Olsen is on this page.  We encourage you to view it, and then follow up with the next two videos. It’s another attempt on the part of SCJ to provide our visitors the opportunity to learn the truth, and let go of the fiction.

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