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Sharing Time With Elderly Parent

My 93 year old Mother and I share in a morning ritual. Sometime between 7 and 8 a.m., we begin our morning.  By the time we have settled down for a first cup of coffee, we also share in reading the local paper together.

Her specialty is the variety of ads, particularly grocery ads and coupons, which she finds highly entertaining.  We find lots to talk about as we wander through the variety of ads.  Hearing aid ads give us a particular brand of laughter as we wonder at the ability of such frequent full page ads, until we discover the high cost of hearing.

The other day we found particular delight in searching for employment in the want ads.  At our age, while we are not likely to identify a real job, we draw particular pleasure from letting our imaginations run rampant and our sense of humor be sharpened. Mother thinks she probably couldn’t do well as a Payroll clerk.

The most rewarding experience of this daily exercise is when we find so many things that stir us to laughter and inspire so much fun when we go through that which entertain us.

Sharing Laughter

Laughter, after all, is an endorphin popping, rib tickling, belly shaking moment that ends up being very good for us. So one might want to toss some of the meds taken on a too regular basis, with your physician’s advice of course, and subscribe to the daily paper.  I find it curious to know what the high and low temps are going to be elsewhere in the world.

Checking out the editorial page stimulates mostly disagreement, sometimes thinking about issues of the day.  Scanning the obituaries helps us stay humble.  The things to do section allows for getting some genuinely good ideas for occupying time and energy.

There is no section that doesn’t stimulate conversation or fun or discussion.  This goes on through breakfast and starts our day with an intentional way to enjoy each other, to see our world, i.e. the senior world, through eyes that find the satisfaction of genuine joy.


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  1. That’s nice about about Morning ritual for Seniors…

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