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Retired is Doing What You Want

Most days, where we live, are strikingly beautiful, full of sunshine, cool air, until around early afternoon, days filled with opportunity and pleasure.  If you are fortunate enough to live in a similar location, you know that such mornings are gifts beyond measure.  If you are also freed from major responsibility of groundskeeping and other chores that come with home ownership, you are twice blessed.

Retirement for many brings with it the multiple rewards of having numerous choices for the enjoyment of daily living and the fulfillment of a life aimed at arriving at just such a place.

Travel, for some, is the routine that allows for exploring the world and going places only previously dreamed of.  Volunteering gives many much satisfaction and good feelings in helping others.  Getting involved in a variety of activities provides fulfillment for some, while caring for loved ones, who are dealing with aging issues can be our lot.

Seniors Choose Happiness

Whatever the nature and kind of life you lead, it is a life that can be full and complete, if you make it so.  Making it so requires attitude and determination, resolve and imagination.  Letting days slide by, disappearing one into another, is not a healthy way to spend retirement.  In fact, spending retirement should be transformed to “investing in retirement.” Finding ways to keep healthy, your mind functioning, your spirit in tune with the gift of every new day needs to be the commitment we make to ourselves  on every one of those new days.

Like riding a bike, polish up the old two wheeler and try it out.  Enjoy leisurely walks, select your partner and take off.  Think you might be a golfer, give it a chance.  Is watching birds your fancy, learn as much as you can, grab the binoculars and start the search.

Even if you are a caretaker, you can find ways to share the season with the person who is  undergoing restrictions.   Explore possibilities.  Let your loved one make suggestions that he/she feels they can manage.  Once a week adventures may add pleasure and stamina to their lives too.

There is no reason for life to be dull in retirement. Ordinary activities can become the means for creating fulfillment, rich rewards and good times.  Days are new, every time the sun comes up. Most of us are not bound, completely, to the same routine every day.  The willingness of one taking into account the other and sharing your perception of how to have a “good day” can be life stimulating for both of you.  Reaching out and lending your energy to another is a good way to bring satisfaction to both of you.  Keeping yourself occupied, in all kinds of creative ways, will open the door to new explorations and wonders on every one of those days that is fit for a retiree.

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