A Couple of Bad Days: When Illness Strikes

Jul 15th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

It had been awhile since I had experienced flu like symptoms.  We had just returned from a flight to San Francisco.  A couple of days passed and I was suddenly hit with vomiting, fever, and other sundry suggestions that something about the trip didn’t like me.  It (the trip) was otherwise quite enjoyable.  The consequences, if that is from where it originated, did not.  I gave into it.  Recognizing there was not much more I could do, I was bed ridden for a couple of days.  It started at 1 a.m.and the night was one that promised no enjoyment or relief. 

I had both the regular flu shot and that given to prevent Swine flu, so I was pretty certain this episode was just the 24 hour variety.  The next day was a day of intermittent sleep, nothing to eat, occasional throwing up and overall discomfort.  About all I could get down were some ice chips.  And the joy of having a couple of sugarless popsicles, several hours later, was like a feast and banquet all at once. The company of our two pets, who barely left my side, offered solace and reassurance. 

Not having been ill for sometime, it was quite a shock to the system to have to surrender to a power greater than myself.  But, surrender one must.  Trying to ignore the symptoms, pretending to be capable of heading off the illness on your own is sometimes simply not possible.  Using common sense, giving in to sleep, rest and silent acquiescence is a sign of common sense.  Sometimes it just happens.  Sometimes, even when we thought we had outgrown getting sick, we find that our body does give in to the attacks to which all humans are occasionally susceptible. 

I didn’t even care to watch television, didn’t feel like holding a book, was uninterested in any external stimulation, only silence, sleep and recovery.  Those are the wise considerations during the presence of illness.  Don’t fight it.  Don’t expose others.  Don’t try to be macho.  Don’t moan too loudly.  Don’t get up sooner than you should or must.  Don’t consume unnecessarily.  Don’t try to be social.  Don’t!  These are the lessons of warding off illness, when it strikes.  Consider them and get well soon!

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  3. Querido Jerry, so happy you are better now. Love to read what you write. Amo vocês, Sílvia.

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