700 Posts and Climbing

Jun 14th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Since the inception of Senior Citizen Journal in August of 2008, we have posted over 700 articles.  Our senior readership evidences a continuing climb and our audience is now global.  It is both humbling and very satisfying that elders are finding some of what we do and say here to be helpful in their goals toward “productive aging.”  Your presence on a frequent basis goads us on in search for more and better ways to help feed your curiosity, need for more incisive information and sharing us with others. 

We continue to be alert to those issues, concerns and matters which affect us as we age.  Your searches help us come up with ideas for some of our columns.  We continue to add to our staff (small as it is) to be better able to reach out to touch more of you.  We would consider guest columnists on occasion if you have something uniquely interesting to the senior population. So as you go about your daily reading and discover topics that might be of worth, please either write your own response or share the idea with us and we will see if/how we can work it in. 

One of our staff claims “she is not a writer,” but was surprised that a recent contribution really was well done, pleasing to the editorial crew, and acceptable for inclusion.  You never know.  So , lift the covers from your sleepy eyes and spend some time at the computer, you may just offer us exactly what many may find helpful.

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