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Summer is Almost Upon Us

The rapidity with which time passes never seems to be put in check.  It just rolls on and on.  Today, right now, we are on the cusp of the half way point in a year that only started a hiccup ago. Now we are staring down the barrel of 100 degree temperatures, hurricanes and longer days, but what turns out to be days that turn into months and finally autumn.

Why time seems to be consumed so quickly and days turn into nights and nights turn into yesterdays, I don’t know.  Trying to make sense of it, I only discover I am wasting more time trying to figure out the mystery of time’s passing, while it eats away at our lives.  Slow down.  Find a way to make 24 hours stretch into more time to enjoy, less to regret its passing, more to relish, less to disappear, and where, we don’t seem to know.

Sleeping in is an option, but that only chews up time. Discovering ways to relax and pick up some of the rewards of being retired is a day to day possibility.  However, often, without our realizing it, we have just junked another day by doing nothing.  The time we thought would be better spent ends up wasted and forgotten.  This next half year offers a chance to be productive, unusually creative, well intentioned. Ere we know it, however, we will have piddled it away and the end of it will be like the first of it:  “where did it go?”

Use Your Time Wisely

What could I have done?  That’s a waste of time question.  While seeking an answer, you might be about doing something now, before these days fade into their own oblivion.  The trouble with retirement is we don’t get time back. Once spent or frittered away, there is no reclaiming any of it. Time is very much like money.  Investing it does pay dividends.  When I do something positive today, it will likely bring a pay off tomorrow.  Recognizing that time holds enormous value which can bring rewards for having used it wisely, is like carefully watching your investment of other resources and cultivating them well.

Sure, retirees have the right and opportunity to claim some time for themselves in relaxing and playing and just doing what you had anticipated doing in retirement.  But to spend all one’s time whiling away days and watching them turn into a forgotten past leaves you with little to claim as your accomplishments as life moves on.

Maybe you don’t want to do a lot, but doing something, a little, can give you a recognition that you have more to give yet.  Doing so brings the satisfaction of time well spent, days worth repeating, a full life with few empty days.

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