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Tips for Saving on Mileage

On a recent excursion up to the mountains just east of us, we experienced the usual frenzy with holiday travel. Cars and trucks with campers were buzzing by us, pushing the speed limit around those nasty hairpin turns on the road. They were eager to get to their campground, get set up and relax for the long weekend. How they were using fuel for their vehicles probably didn’t even enter their minds.

We took this shot on the way down.

Yes, we were getting 99.9+mpg for a while. We have a Prius V, a Toyota hybrid that gets exceptional gas mileage. The primary reason we get such good mileage is because of the design of the vehicle; but another reason is that our driving habits have changed. Here’s what we have learned since driving hybrids for almost a decade.

How to Get Better Gas Mileage

  • The best speed on the highway for best gas mileage is 55mph… even when the speed limit is 75 or 80 on interstates. We’re always tempted to drive faster, but knowing we only spend $25-$40 per month on auto fuel is a great incentive to keep the speed down.
  • Use your cruise control when on the open highway
  • Be sure your gas cap is on tightly
  • Keep your eyes on the road ahead of you; when a stop sign or light is coming up, coast to a stop instead of braking at the last minute; accelerate slowly instead of trying to get ahead of the car next to you
  • Check your tire inflation every month; follow your maintenance guidelines for the vehicle, even if you think you know better than the manufacturer
  • Keep extra cargo in your vehicle at a minimum; more weight makes gas mileage plummet
  • Turn your vehicle off when you are at a short stop instead of leaving it on to idle; idling uses fuel

More seniors are buying hybrids than ever before. There are some great-riding autos out there that look pretty snazzy. And the low fuel consumption is one of the best reasons to consider owning one.


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