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Online Service Offers Daily Help to Seniors

An Internet website that links to Senior Citizen Journal offers some interesting suggestions to seniors who need help managing their day-to-day finances. FosterResults, LLC is a ‘bookkeeping’ service that has adapted to technology available around the globe.

This company does the traditional bookkeeping and accounting for individuals and companies who require these services in the course of doing business in the world.  But a part of this company offers services specific to seniors who need help managing their finances.

“As we get older, our financial needs and responsibilities change. We need to adjust to living on a fixed income. We also need to protect ourselves and our assets from those that prey on this segment of the population. Foster Result’s Elder Care Accounting Service provides financial oversight and additional safeguards to ensure your ongoing financial security, or that of your loved ones.” FosterResults, LLC Website

Services offered by this company include

  • Bill payment services
  • Banking assistance
  • Liaison between vendors and individual (phone calls, advice, etc.)
  • Financial management
  • Communication with loved ones (if necessary)
  • Financial protection
  • Court appointment financial guardianship

It seems to us here at SCJ that seniors, and those who have senior loved ones in need of financial management assistance, would do well to consider this kind of help.  In addition to the obvious benefits of security and financial safety, many seniors would be able to remain independent longer with someone helping them manage their day-to-day finances.

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