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Start Reading Labels!

Senior citizens need to start reading labels, if you aren’t already doing so.  The Diane Sawyer (ABC News) special last year opened the eyes of many seniors about products that are made in the USA. One of the experts who chimed in to the discussion said if we all spent just $3.33 more a month on products made in the USA, 10,000 more jobs would be created.  That’s impressive.

Some online resources are helpful to seniors who look for tips on USA-produced merchandise. Here’s a list of such resources with links to the websites:

When shopping, seniors need to be alert to reading labels identifying where products are made. Labels are required to identify that information.  Many of us have been brainwashed to believe products made in the USA are more costly.  Not so.  If you shop carefully, you can find products made in the USA of equal quality at lower cost.  You may need to shop around to identify them, but the time will be well-spent.  And jobs will be created in the USA as a result.  An improved economy will be worth the extra effort.

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