Safe Seniors: Tips to Help Keep Your Home Safe From Crooks

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Burglaries Down, But Still Costly

You may be comforted to know that burglaries are actually on a long-term decrease across the country. notes that, over four of the five previous years, burglaries have gone down in numbers. However, just because the numbers have decreased slightly in the long term doesn’t eliminate the risk. In fact, according to the FBI, the number of burglaries from 2010 to 2011 actually increased by 0.9 percent.

Though the number of burglaries may fluctuate, the need to protect your home remains constant. Fortunately, burglars like to talk about what they do, and have given a lot of advice about how to avoid falling victim to their efforts. Here are some tips, all given by ex-crooks, on what to do and what not to do when it comes to protecting your home.

Make Your Home Appear Occupied While on Vacation

According to Reader’s Digest, burglars really do look for signs to see when you are away. Piled up mail or newspapers are a dead giveaway that you aren’t home and that you may be away for a while. Criminals choose unoccupied homes because they make ideal targets.

It’s easy enough to make your home appear occupied. Just have your neighbors pick up your mail and paper, and leave some lights and a television on. Of course, it is best if you hire a house sitter, but the help of a neighbor is often enough to deter crooks.

Be Careful Letting People Into Your Home

Crooks have stated that they often enter homes in disguise. They dress up as a lawn worker or handyman, do some work for customers, and then ask to be let inside to go to the bathroom.

While inside, they unlock a door or a window, then come back later in the night. It’s your decision on whether you let workers inside your house or not. If you do let a worker inside, stay close to him, and verify after he has left that nothing was touched or tampered with.

Consider Security Cameras

Security cameras offer an extra layer of protection that can be more effective than a security system alone. interviewed an ex-crook, who said he was often undeterred by security systems because he could make it in and out before the police arrived. He said security cameras, though, would make him think twice.

Big Dogs are Effective

Burglars have no way of knowing how your dog is trained, and often will avoid entering an area when there is a risk of getting bitten. Also, dogs are noisy, which attracts unwanted attention.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

A well-connected neighborhood is undesirable to burglars. Neighbors that are familiar with the patterns of your home can quickly detect strangers and can call the police.

Learn From the Experts

Apply these tips to protect your home from burglary. They may seem like common sense, but in practice they can provide the extra security you need to feel safe in your home.

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