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At-Home Jobs for Senior Citizens

Some seniors find it necessary to work post-retirement; they just can’t make it financially.  Others work from personal choice; they enjoy the mental challenge.  Whichever the reason, there are some options for retired seniors who want to work from their homes.

A number of seniors are working as Customer Service Representatives for a variety of companies who take telephone orders from online catalog shopping.  These companies include airlines and hotels as well as specialty flower and gift stores online.  Comfort with using the computer is a necessity for this kind of at-home work.  Other suggestions, if you are considering this kind of employment, are offered here.

AARP cites another job that some seniors may find interesting… being an online juror.  Law firms are now paying people to review cases online and render mock verdicts as a way of preparing for litigation. This position requires you to logon to an Internet website and review a case.  Once reviewed, you render your verdict.  Usually after 50 verdict-opinions, the case is closed and you can go back later to see how the mock decision came out.

Senior At-Home Jobs Require Computer Knowledge

As you can see, these jobs require knowledge of computers and more than a beginning level of ability to navigate the Internet.  If you are comfortable with Excel and basic word processing (e.g., Microsoft Word) another kind of at-home work is being a virtual administrative assistant.  AARP says, “Duties range from making travel arrangements to sending out letters and other support services that can easily be handled remotely via e-mail and phone.”  Some colleges are even offering training programs and a certificate for virtual administrative assistants.

Retired teachers will find online tutoring right up their alley.  Seniors can seek employment with tutoring companies, who may have a lot of bells and whistles like virtual classrooms and white boards via computer, on which the tutor and student can communicate about whatever subject material is in question.  Or some seniors create their own tutoring websites, and offer their services based on their academic credentials.

And finally, if you are good at spelling and grammar, copy editing and proofreading are great online jobs for senior retirees.  Again, online companies hire people by the hour or job to do this kind of work; or you can create your own website and free-lance your expertise with editing and proofing articles and documents.

All you need for these jobs is a desire to keep your brain active, a computer and the skills required for the work you choose.  Go for it, Seniors!


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