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Feb 21st, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Finances

Many of us senior citizens have a number of household items we would like to sell, but feel overwhelmed when we try to get our minds around how to sell them. 

Classified ads in the local newspaper are always an option, but the audience is limited. 

Garage sales and estate sales may be considered, but they are a LOT of work and many times there are too many items left over that either goes back where they were or donated to a local charity for resale, leaving us wondering why in the world we ever had a garage sale to begin with.

And we can always just give the stuff to our kids and grandchildren.

Now, however, with the burgeoning growth of the Internet, we have another option… online classified ads that reach everyone in our locale looking for items we have for sale.  Selling locally is advised because you don’t have to try to decide whether a buyer from another state or country is legitimate; almost all these sites remind us of the relative safety of selling, and buying, locally.  Most of them use an online purchasing center such as PayPal, which maintains strict standards for use by its clients.  And selling locally usually means you don’t have postage and mailing costs; the buyer can come get the item(s) you sell.

Let’s take a look at some of the top sites.

  •   Kijiji is a free local classified ad site.  You can post your ad(s) in the category(s) in which they fall, in the city and state in which you live, and totally free.  A picture of your item(s) may accompany the ad.
  • Google Base is a merchant center where you need to create a merchant account, and then you have a great deal of flexibility to add any number of items on the Merchant Center page.
  • is another free local classified ad site.  You select your city in the US, Canada or Great Britain, then the category of item(s) you are selling, and you then proceed to create your ads.  Gaurads offers the opportunity to create a feature site for a time-limited period for a small fee.
  • is in the same genre as Kijiji and Gaurads—localized, categorized and free.  They profess to have hundreds of thousands of viewers daily.
  • is the ‘old’ standby for localized selling.  You need to identify your locale first, and then you have opportunity to list whatever you want to sell (or a service you wish to buy or sell) within your locale.  Craigslist is careful to remind you not to list in several cities or you will be banned from the site; many online classifieds operate with this principle in mind.
  • is the final one we list here (although certainly not an exhaustive listing of online classifieds!).  Again, you choose your locale and your category, and then place your ad.  The great thing about these online classifieds is that you can also search them for items you wish to purchase.  You will find more options than you can imagine for anything you might like to buy.

If you want to look at all 28+ million sites for online classifieds, just do a search on your favorite search engine for “online classified ads”.  The list is literally endless!

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