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The Road to Success

Senior citizen financial concerns cover a wide array of topics.  Most of them take a look at issues that directly affect our financial picture and future.  This one today, however, takes a little different approach.  Have you given thought lately to how you achieved your level of financial comfort?  How did you get where you are today?

A blog that we at SCJ follow has an interesting post today.  Jonathan Leger is a computer guru and SEO (secure engine optimization) pro from Plano, TX.  He has been self-employed for seven years, and very successfully so.  His blog today addressed the question, How did I get here?

Jonathan’s answer to that question has two facets:  He credits his father with  a lot of support and encouragement for what Jonathan enjoyed and wanted to do with his lifeHe said that means two things to him:  1) You never do it on your own; and 2) Find your passion and pursue it.  Success will inevitably follow.

What Does That Mean?

So why is SCJ writing about how to achieve financial success when we’ve already been there and done that?  Answer:  This isn’t about the goal.  It’s about the journey.  You have a wealth of information from your life experience that you can share with your adult children and grandchildren, if they are interested in listening to you.  If they are not, shame on them.  Find other younger-generation folk who are interested in your life experience.

We seniors can describe how we got through our career-life experience.  We can talk about who helped us, what the external influences were along the way, and what the results were.  We can also talk about the mistakes, from which we learned what to do differently the next time.  And we can talk about the passion we had for what we accomplished.  What we did was successful, and we can tie all the experiences together for those who are interested in hearing about them.

So go for it, Seniors!  Find people who are interested in learning from the elder generation and willing to listen to our oral history.  The younger people are out there.  Find them!


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