Turkey Bone Soup

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I remember the first turkey I ever roasted.  It was the first Thanksgiving after our marriage in 1975, and I carefully read all the recipes and advice for roasting turkeys.  It turned out okay.  Not juicy good.  Just okay.  Then I was faced with what to do with that carcass. 

As I stood and looked at it, I realized there was still good turkey meat on the bones, and it wouldn’t be very easy to cut it off.  Then I recalled watching my new mother-in-law make chicken and dumplings–East Texas style.  She boiled a whole chicken until the meat fell off the bones.  I decided I would try it with the turkey carcass.

Since then, I’ve made Turkey Bone Soup every time I roasted a turkey in the past 35 years.  I’ve even discovered there are recipes for the soup.  Mine was probably never made the same way twice, but that’s part of the fun of cooking.  You can follow a recipe only so far, then you have to do your own thing.  So here’s my general recipe for Turkey Bone Soup… but be sure to do your own things with it to make it yours!


Sharon's Turkey Bone Soup

Turkey Bone Soup

Break or cut up the carcass into as many smaller pieces as you can; put the pieces into a large pot and cover the pieces with water.  Add a couple teaspoons of salt.  Simmer for about two hours, or until the meat is easily falling off the bones.  Remove from the stove; drain off the broth and save it all; let the turkey meat & bones cool.  When cool enough to handle, sanitize your hands and remove all the turkey meat from the bones, which you can then finally throw out.

Put the turkey meat back into the broth and add your favorite fresh vegetables.  Over the years, I’ve used carrots, celery, green beans, corn, turnips, potatoes, tomatoes, all kinds of peas and beans.  I usually add either egg noodles or brown & wild rice.  Seasonings I’ve used include turmeric, pepper, a small amount of red pepper, parsley, poultry seasoning, thyme, rosemary, marjoram and oregano.  You can add the veggies and herbs you love most.

The soup lasts a couple of days in our home.  And we’ve been known to roast a turkey just to have some soup.  I hope you are able to add it to your family’s list of favorites!

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