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A Home Free of Toxins

Senior women are conscientious about cleaning their homes with the least amount of toxins.  There are a lot of products out now that offer toxin-free cleaning products and supplies.  As well, natural and organic food offers seniors opportunity for reducing the toxin-load going into our bodies.
The following suggestions may be helpful for those of you who desire additional information:

  • Local Food Coop: join a local food coop that offers organic and natural produce grown locally; such groups often provide additional services that you would enjoy, such as home-baked bread and pastries, organic-fed/cage-free eggs, and an inventory of organic dry goods that can be purchased.
  • Filtered water:  you can purchase simple filters for your faucets, an even simpler filter in a pitcher, or a total-filter system that filters all the water that comes into the house.
  • Natural and organic cleaning products: look for products in stores, and better yet online, that offer toxin-free cleaning.  You need to train yourself to read the ingredients to be sure the claims on labels are accurate.  Remember, baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice are great cleaners.
  • Diffusers for fresh air: consider buying a diffuser and your favorite essential oils to keep the air fresh in your home.  Diffusers can be purchased on the Internet, and the non-fancy ones are not costly at all.
  • Carpets: sprinkle baking soda on your carpets before you vacuum for fresh-smelling rugs.

Dynamic Senior Women website suggests, “If you keep your home well ventilated, you’ll minimize the effects of many household toxins because the fumes will dissipate and exit through windows or screen doors. The fewer chemicals you bring in, the fewer toxins you’ll deal with. Use green products or nontoxic substitutes whenever possible.”

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