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Germs Hide in Unsuspecting Places

Women are still the primary house-keepers in most senior households. However, if you know men to whom this concern might apply, be sure to forward this article to them.  Today we are concerned about germs that hide around the house.  The germs that worry senior citizens most are salmonella and E. coli. These two monsters lurk in all kinds of places in your home.  You won’t ever completely get rid of them, but you can protect yourself from the illnesses they create in your body.

SCJ editors did an Internet search about household germs, and here is what we found:

  • Your kitchen and bathroom sinks are full of germs.  The sinks need to be cleaned with a bleach solution at a minimum once a week (many seniors use bleach towelettes and clean their sinks daily).  A lot of household cleaners on the market today contain bleach.  A green alternative is to identify an organic product that is a disinfectant.  Enter “organic disinfectant” in your favorite browser window and over 400,000 options will pop up.  Ordering them on the Internet is easy.  I put my organic disinfectant in a spray bottle and keep one under each sink in the house.  Makes it easy to keep them germ-free.
  • Dish rags, sponges and hand-drying towels are equally full of germs.  Most of us know sponges can be sanitized in the microwave (about two minutes is enough).  Dish rags and hand-drying towels need to be laundered daily.  Get a good enough supply that you can keep them clean and not run out.
  • Cutting boards are another place where germs congregate.  They need to be washed thoroughly after each use; that means washing several times if you use it to chop meat and veggies and fruit for a meal.  It needs to be washed after each food item.  Plastic boards and sheets can be put in the dishwasher; wood boards need to be sanitized with a bleach or disinfectant solution.
  • Here’s one I hadn’t heard about…   germs can gather in water lines that sit for a while.  Be sure to run water from faucets for a minute before you fill a glass or start your shower.
  • Clean TV remotes, computer keyboards and telephone handles regularly.  Again a disinfectant needs to be used to sanitize these items.  Good spray devices are available for cleaning keyboards.  Wiping the keys with a towelette helps keep the keys clean.
  • Toothbrushes. Have several on hand and take turns using each of them.  Sanitize them in your dishwasher weekly.  And don’t forget to sanitize the toothbrush holder.
  • Tabletops. Use a good household cleaner on your table tops, including nightstands, coffee tables and anything on which you place food items.
  • Use liquid soap instead of bar soap at your sinks.  Germs can congregate on bar soap.  Be sure to wipe down the liquid soap container weekly to keep germs from living on the jar.

Seniors can be much safe in their own homes if care is taken to keep it as germ-free as possible.

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