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Senior Women Unlimited!

There is an interesting response when the phrase ‘senior women’ is searched in your favorite browser. The first articles that pop up are related to senior women and dating or finding a male partner. We find this interesting because it appears to be based on an assumption that senior women are first interested in finding a mate. There are a lot of websites that offer assistance in such an endeavor, and of course, search engine algorithms are based on topics that are searched a lot.

However, SCJ would like to suggest that senior women are equally (more?) interested in other pursuits. What might they be? Here are some ideas:

  • Creating and pursuing your bucket list. Many senior women have goals about what they still want to achieve in life. Beyond relationships with men, dynamic senior women are interested in the world, near and far. They want to experience as much of it as possible.
  • Senior women enjoy sports activities directed to their needs and abilities. The USGA offers a senior amateur women’s golf competition that dates back to the 1960s. Senior women have enjoyed this activity for a long time!
  • Women are leaders as well. Women who want top leadership positions are targeted in the book, Where Have all the Senior Women Gone? The critical question addressed is the lack of senior women in leadership roles to assist younger women who want to climb the career ladder. We cannot go back and undo the past, but we can help younger women learn from our experiences.
  • And finally, the AAUP (American Association of University Professors) has taken a look at keeping senior women at the university, again to serve as role models as well as advising younger women about educational and life issues.

Senior women experience life in a variety of venues and on many levels. Do your own search on ‘senior women’ and you will find a new world in front of you! Enjoy!

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