Sun-Dried Clothes and Childhood Memories

Nov 26th, 2010 | By | Category: For Senior Women

Many senior women are in to finding shortcuts and money-saving steps in their life management.  Some of us have a home and family to consider.  Some of us are alone or with a partner.  No matter the life situation, we all find ourselves looking at ways to conserve our financial resources.

During the past year, I’ve had an opportunity to implement a number of money-saving steps in my daily routine, and one of them just popped up last year.  Quite unexpected.  I was reminiscing about how much I enjoyed bringing the clothes in from the clothesline, after drying most of the day in the warm Iowa sun.  This was late spring, summer and early fall only.   During the cold months, the wash was always hung in the dark, damp basement.

So I was day-dreaming about bringing in the clothes and remembering how much I loved the clean fresh smell of sun-dried clothing.  I thought how sad it was to now use clothes dryers and have to add a softener or a drying cloth to get a fresh smell–and it was nothing like what the sun did to the clothes when I was a child.  And on top of all that, we now have to pay the electric bill to get the clothes dried with the artificial fresh smell.  Eureka!  I can still dry clothes without the dryer and electric bill and artificial smell today! 

I was then a woman on a mission.  I found the clothes drying rack in a local hardware store.  It really wasn’t big enough, so a few months later, my sister and I found another.  I took it/them home and tried them in several different places in the house, finally deciding upon the patio, in the warm sun for the Real Sun-Dried scent on the clothes.  

I was curious about how much money I was saving by not using the electric dryer.  I compared five months of using the natural drying method, vs the previous year, same months.  The electric bill was an average of $12-$13 lower per month using the drying rack.  (I suspect a gas dryer would save money over the electric one.)   That’s not a lot of money, but it is just one part of my money-conserving lifestyle, and every contribution helps. 

But the real joy is the fresh sun-dried smell of the clothing, reminding me of a happy childhood.

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