Senior Women: The Grandchildren Make Perfect Sense

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Okay, here it is, dear SCJ Friends!!  I commented on Sam’s Laws for New Scorpia (the Archidon Society) a couple of weeks ago.  Sam (my precious great-nephew) has given permission for the Archidon Laws to be published.  Here they are, and I think we senior citizens (and the rest of society also!) can take some lessons from these Laws:

Laws of New Scorpia

1.       No shooting or threatening any fellow Archidon

2.       All weapons must be stored during peace times

3.       No picking up quartz off of the ground

4.       Must accept punishments given

5.       No stealing

6.       No hurtful cussing

7.       Must follow orders from leader/commanding officer

8.       Orders given must be reasonable

9.       All members are required to wear eye protection

10.    Must respect individual store rules

11.    Must store all  quartz in the bank

12.    All stores must be outfitted

13.    Must pay taxes

14.    No vandalism

15.    Must follow popular vote

16.    Everybody is required to help with community projects

17.    Every shop may be suspect to investigation

18.    No gangs or riots

19.    Everybody must have a shop and a job

20.    Jobs must be reasonable

21.    All able members must participate in military

22.    Everyone  has  to vote

23.    Everyone must have a weapon

24.    No lying

25.    Leader has no additional rights and cannot abuse power


These laws are to be put into effect and enforced after the Council signs on the above line.

I think these ‘Rules’ or ‘Laws’ are amazing… coming from a group of 13 year olds who want to create workable relationships with each other, on the edge of the beautiful Sonoran Desert.  Sam’s twin sister, Rachel, is the Judge, who has responsibility for resolving any disputes.  Sam says they chose her because she has the most objectivity of anyone in the group.

I think about what our society would be like if we lived within these Laws.

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