Senior Women and Argentine Milanesa

Mar 14th, 2010 | By | Category: For Senior Women

This morning we received an email from our ‘Argentine son’, Ale.  He shared with us what was originally an 8mm movie clip of himself when he was around 4.  Ale, his brother and our youngest daughter who were both 7-ish were dressing up for Halloween.  His family was here 30 years ago to live in our university town, to learn our culture and language and to be near us,  while our friend, the father and husband of this family attended graduate school.  Is there anything more delightfully surprising than to see and hear a video of your children, or your husband or your good friends taken 150 years ago when your hair was dark,  your skin and bodies youthful and your children youngsters!

The nearly three years we spent together cemented a friendship that has endured the ‘150 years’ that followed.   Ale returned at the completion of his Argentine high school years and lived with us while he completed an American high school and he continued to call us his family and our home his home.   Then about 10 years ago, his parents, our dear friends moved back to our area and took up residency, having won by lottery a green card giving them residency status. 

Until we moved from our home we spent many unforgettable hours with our friends.  They lived in a small  apartment and would ask if they could prepare a dinner for some friends, including us, in our home and use our kitchen and dining room for their entertaining needs.  What fun we had preparing an Argentine meal together.  For Carlos, one extremely important aspect of any meal was the seating arrangement around the table.  When I called friends to our table,  I would say,  pick a seat and sit beside whomever you want.  Carlos was appalled at this ‘arrangement’  and would spend hours planning carefully who would sit beside whom. 

Hamburgers were never one of my more favored meats until I met the Argentine hamburger, the ‘Milanesa’.  It is like our hamburger patties, but made very thin and seasoned with oregano leaves.   My friend,  Hilda,  was the queen of  empanadas and chipas.  If you ever travel to Argentina, be sure to try their chipas. 

And a delicious variation on our American hamburger is my favorite,  the Argentine Milanesa.   To make it, buy your  favorite hamburger ground meat, make it into very, very thin patties seasoned with salt, pepper and dried oregano.  Fry, broil or grill and  make a sandwich or just eat with a salad.  The oregano gives a unique, delicious taste.

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