Our Senior Body Cleanse Actually Worked!

Mar 7th, 2010 | By | Category: For Senior Women

We couldn’t believe we actually did it!  Ten days on a body cleanse.  Wow! We did it, we felt great and the benefits are worth singing to anyone who wants to listen.  My husband and I started with blood pressure in the 150’s; we were desperately trying to avoid medication.  Towards the end of the  first 5 days our pressure was dancing  in the 130-140’s.   On the last day of the cleanse we celebrated when my pressure was 126/68 and his was 126/78.   Today on the second day of breaking the cleanse, my pressure was 113/77.  This is the greatest benefit of all.

However, the next best benefit is our sleep. I’ve had sleep issues for the past 25 years,  sometimes averaging 3-5 hours a night.  On the first night of our cleanse, I slept straight through the night for 6 hours.  Since then,  I’ve been sleeping soundly and longly.  My husband had been experiencing interrupted sleep and he also started sleeping soundly all night.

Both of us have post nasal drip problems that have resulted in a frequent need to cough or clear our throats.  My problem is 98% cleared, and my husband’s is improved, but not to the extent that mine has.

I’ve had ear issues for nearly 6 months…a deep itch or tickle that I have not been able to get rid of.  Within two days of starting the cleanse, my ears stopped the tickle and today they are clear. 

We’ve all three lost weight and our daughter’s skin has cleared beautifully.  I learned through this 10 days that I am a grazer.  I want to eat even though I’m not hungry.  And I wanted to eat all the way through this adventure.  I’ve seldom allowed myself to get hungry because of all the grazing.  And even though I’ve not felt hungry for the past 10 days, my desire to eat did not lessen.  I’d hoped to be able to drop off this ‘love of grazing’  somewhere along the way.  So my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our day at the supermarket buying the vegetables we needed and wanted for our first meal.

This is an original fresh vegetable  soup recipe that I created for our much anticipated ‘firstmeal’.

Fresh Vegetable/Bean Soup
1/4 cup black beans
1/4 cup pinto beans
1/4 cup kidney beans
1/4 cup garbanzo beans
1 cup red lentils
1/2 large onion
5 cloves garlic
5 leaves bok choy
2 large leaves red swiss chard
4 carrots
2 stalks  celery
1 long sweet potato
4 medium tomatoes
1 box low sodium chicken broth
1 heaping  tsp turmeric
1 tsp cummin
chili powder to taste
cayenne pepper to taste

Soak the beans together in water for 8 hours.  Drain and rinse well, then let sit in the strainer and let sprout overnight.  Rinse well in the morning and cook 1 1/2 hours in salted water.
 Sautee the onion, chopped,  in oil.  I used coconut oil. Chop the celery and add.  Sautee a couple of minutes.  Pour in the chicken broth.   Add the beans with the soak water and the lentils.  Add the sweet potato, sliced into 1 inch chunks.  Cut the stems from the bok choy and the chard.  Cut  the stems into 1/2 in pieces and add to the pot.  Cut the carrots into 1/2 inch slices and add.  Add chopped garlic.  Chop the swiss chard and bok choy leaves into about 3/4 inch slices and the tomatoes into 6ths or 8ths.  Add and cook until the sweet potato and carrots are just tender.  Do not overcook.   Serve with fresh mung bean sprouts.

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