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What to do With Mushrooms?

I pick up my bi-weekly delivery of organic produce today at our local co-op.  The email a couple of days ago included shiitake mushrooms on the list of items we will get today.  What do you do with mushrooms?  Shiitake or any other kind?

So I started my search online, with ‘mushrooms’ in the search box, and ‘shiitake mushrooms’ as well.  The recipes that popped up sounded amazing.  Mushrooms can be added as a flavoring ingredient to a gazillion dishes. They can also be one of the staple items in soups and gravies.  I’ve just never used mushrooms much.

I kept looking and found a recipe for a soup that included mushrooms and roasted garlic and cheese.  Yum!  Here it is, and please let me know if you like it.  Soup season is upon us with this great cool weather!

Roasted Garlic, Rice and Mushroom Soup

Melt 1/3 cup of butter in a large pan, medium high heat.  Add one pound of mushrooms (I used shiitake) and a large sweet chopped onion.  Cook until onion and mushrooms are tender.  In a food processor/blender, combine the mushroom/onion mixture with 1 1/2 cups of cooked brown rice, one 6.5oz pkg of flavored Spreadable Cheese (Garlic and Herb flavor is what I used) and a cup of flavored vegetable broth (I used garlic flavored).  Pulse the mixture until the mushrooms are chopped and put it all back in the pan.  Add another 2 cups of rice, 2.5 more cups of vegetable broth, and some water (I used a little more than one cup).  Chop 6 slices of smoked turkey bacon (this is a garnish and can be left out if you don’t want the fat content).  Add salt and pepper to the soup mixture.  Serve with bacon sprinkled on the top, if you want; you can also use chives or cilantro or green onions or basil or your favorite herb.

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