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Strange Coincidences for Victims of Breast Cancer

The incidence of breast cancer continues to be a major health concern for women of all ages, and particularly senior women.  We are concerned not only for ourselves, but for our daughters and grand-daughters.  And although men are not immune to breast cancer, their risk is considerably less than it is for women.

The major risk factor continues to be a history of breast cancer in one’s immediate family… mother, aunt, grand-mother, sister.  However a study conducted a number of years ago raises some interesting questions.  A California Breast Cancer Research Program study revealed 36% of breast cancers in California women were found in the upper-outer quadrant of the breast. A picture of the location/area can be seen on this page.  What did not seem to matter was the age of the victim, her ethnic background or where she lived.  The location of the cancer was considerably higher in the upper-outer area of the breast.

Re-Evaluate Deodorant Choices

Some women and their primary-care physicians find this beyond coincidence. A Naturopathic Physician in our family shared this information with her female relatives, suggesting we might want to re-evaluate the deodorant we use.  She reported that she believes there could be some relationship between antiperspirant deodorant containing aluminum and other chemicals that clog up the underarm pores to prevent body odor, and breast cancer. The underarm area is very close to the breast tissue that has such a high incidence of cancer… incidence that is beyond coincidental for many of us at risk.

There aren’t any studies that we know of that show such a relationship.  However, whether it is clogged up pores that do not allow normal release of body waste through perspiration, or toxic chemicals in antiperspirant deodorants that are absorbed into the body, the results of the CBCRP study are too significant to ignore.

The ND in our family recommends that we women use a non-toxic deodorant, free of chemicals that cause pores to close up on purpose.  Most women in our family have made the change.  And yes, we experience body odor more often than we would like.  We shower or wipe down our underarms daily.  It’s a little bit of a nuisance.

But we believe we are minimizing our chances of breast cancer. Our great-grandmother died of breast cancer.  Two of our cousins have already had breast cancer.  We’re just trying to maximize our chances of not getting it.


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