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Some Things to Think About re: Salad Dressing

We read an Internet article recently about low calorie salad dressings, and the importance of limiting the amount we seniors put on our salads. A ‘low calorie’ salad dressing can become very high in calories when we turn the bottle upside down and let it run out.

The article got us thinking about salad dressings, and talking about our favorites. We soon realized one of SCJ’s editors has been making her own salad dressings for years, and calories are very low because of the ingredients she uses.

Best Ingredients for Low-Calorie Salad Dressings

She always starts with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. She is currently hooked on ‘White Truffle’ from Italy. It has the white truffle mushrooms in it and is her current favorite. However, she has used any number of other flavored Extra Virgin products, and makes use of them to add variety to her salads.

She then adds spices. Again, her current favorite is Herbes de Proven├že. That nifty jar of numerous dehydrated spices includes lavendar, which gives a unique and tantalizing flavor to any dish. Salad dressings also include turmeric, high in antioxidants. Other spices, depending on your taste, might include oregano, parsley, cilantro, basil, thyme, rosemary, marjoram. She always includes at least one clove of garlic, and sometimes more depending upon the size of the salad. Ground pepper and sea salt round out the dry ingredients.

The last flavor-item is either freshly-squeezed lemon juice or a flavored vinegar, such as balsamic or rice or red wine or white wine or your other favorite salad vinegar. Never add more lemon/vinegar than olive oil. The dressing will get too vinegar-y if you do.

She lets the dressing sit until just before the salad is served, and then she pours it over the lettuce/veggie mixture of choice and tosses it gently. The only calories are in the olive oil; there are none in the spices or lemon. And you don’t add any sugar or honey to a low-calorie dressing.

Her family loves her totally home-made-from-scratch salad and dressings. Give it a try!


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