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Internet Anxiety Not Just With Seniors

At one time or another, most of us have experienced or heard about computers doing funny things. Some seniors especially can become very anxious when they contemplate using computers and fear they do not have the knowledge or ability to do so.

Lack of computer experience is one of the most obvious reasons for this anxiety. We didn’t grow up with computers and learning new technology at our ages can be a challenge.

Using a computer and the Internet requires a certain amount of practice and perseverance.  As you acquire more and more knowledge of computers along the way, you will automatically discover how useful using a computer can be in daily life. If you have a desire to learn to use the computer, you need to know help is available.

The Visual Steps books offer a lot of support for learning how to use a computer and surfing the Internet. These books are written according to the Visual Steps method. An important characteristic of this method is the way in which you receive step-by-step instructions, accompanied by visual aids by means of numerous screenshots of all the operations. In this way, you will exactly see where to click at each step, and you will also see the results of your actions.

At the web page you can take a look inside a Visual Steps book. This will give you an impression of the special method used. If you are not experienced enough using the Internet, you can ask a more experienced computer user, for instance a family member, to help you view the web page.

Misconceptions about the computer and the Internet

Although there are many misconceptions about using a computer, these misunderstandings are often an important cause of fears and objections.  It is important to understand what the misconceptions are so they can be dispelled.  The next post here will talk about what causes fears of computers for senior citizens, and what you can do about your fears to overcome them.  Check back soon for Part 2!

Grateful thanks to Visual Steps for authoring this post.

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