Senior Medical Screenings: A Gift to Your Family

Dec 21st, 2010 | By | Category: Lifestyle, Health & Fitness

Wondering what to give your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren for Christmas?  If you haven’t already done so, think about the gift of medical screenings that will tell you and them what issues may be of concern for all of you.

When was your last colonoscopy?  If you have pre-cancerous polyps, for example, they can be removed, and your offspring need to know about that so they can be aware of the possibility of genetic transmission of polyps.  If your haven’t had a colonoscopy in the past five years, schedule one… as a gift to your children and grands and great-grands.

What is the most recent test of your cholesterol?  Where are your lipids?  What do the numbers tell you about your diet and exercise?  More importantly when we talk about gifts, what screening information regarding your cholesterol do you need to share with your children/grands/great-grands that will help them maintain a picture of good and radiant health?  If your cholesterol is under control, your kiddos also need to know that, so they can concentrate on other genetically transmitted health issues.

What is your common blood pressure reading?  It is high?  Or low?  Or average?  If it is high, what are the numbers, and what are you doing to make them go down?  Again, we’re talking about the need for children, grands and great-grands to have genetically-related information to be able to better manage their own health care.

Medical screening tests that provide information you need to manage your health care can be equally valuable to your children/grands/great-grands.  I surrendered my baby girl to adoption when she was born in 1966.  When she returned in 2002 to find me and re-create our relationship, one of the most valuable gifts I had for her was the gift of my medical history.  She had always had to tell her medical team she didn’t know anything about her biological parents’ medical issues; no historical information whatsoever.  Her medical team was handicapped because they were missing important and valuable information. 

Now she has information that helps her medical team keep her healthy.  And your sons and daughters and grands and great-grands need the same privilege.  Give them the gift of good health this Christmas!

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