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Good Diet Critical to Healthy Aging

Many seniors today know the value of a healthy diet, with nutritious food that nourishes our bodies rather than creating disease and illness. But what a lot of us do not know is some of the research and science that goes in to healthy food.

Our daughter recently invited us to her home to get some ‘…really great food products, with exceptional nutritional ingredients.’ We knew they had been on a new program, but had not asked about the details.

They loaded us up with several boxes of shakes, supplements, snacks and vitamin paks… and a whole list of directions for their use. She had been especially concerned about Jerry’s lack of energy since prostate surgery five and a half years ago, and some other intestinal issues that are chronic. So off we went with a lot of hope that the new diet would offer some hope.

Amazing Results with Isagenix

Well, dear readers, it did. And it is now time to share the information with you. The product is called Isagenix. Jerry’s energy is returning; he feels like exercising daily, including walking our pack of three canines. His intestinal issues are still not completely under control, but are improving. I’m losing the extra belly fat that pregnancy even four decades ago produced, and the extra 12-13 pounds that fat weighs. Our energy is amazing!

The research and data about the food is impressive. For example, I took a look today at an article that describes how fat is burned, and how cleansing the body helps burn fat. After reading the article, I thought, “Well that makes perfect sense, and I should have known that.” But I didn’t, and it took someone writing about it in language that makes sense to get my attention.

Even more important, the health and energy that results from eating food with the highest nutritional value is worth learning about. For more information, go here

We will be writing more about Isagenix in the days and weeks to come. Stay tuned for the article on Product B, a remarkable supplement for those interested in fighting the ravages of aging.


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