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Always Do Your Best

Always Do Your Best is Don Miguel Ruiz‘ fourth agreement.  Successful and healthy living incorporates this agreement for senior citizens into their daily lives.  I like this agreement because the focus is on the moment.

Senior citizens’ lives vary a lot from one day to the next.  Sometimes health issues get in the way and we just don’t feel good.  Sometimes demands of friends and family are so great that we don’t have time to think.  Sometimes life just cruises along and we feel good and are able to allow our mind to explore new horizons.  We are not always in control of the variance.  But we are in control of how we behave on a daily basis.

That is what this agreement is about.  If we commit ourselves to always do our best, no matter what is going on around us, we live with serenity and contentment, knowing we did the best we could. On another day, we might have chosen other options, but second-guessing gets tossed out the window when we live in the moment.  We do our best in the moment we are living, not trying to figure out how we could have done better yesterday.  Ah!  Such contentment!

Dealing With ‘You Shoulda-s’

A friend had a recent conversation with her mother, who was unhappy with a choice her daughter made on her behalf about whether she should travel to visit a friend (requiring a plane flight) or not.  The daughter decided her mother should not travel because a) she would have to go alone and she is 96; b) her mobility is impaired; c) she has moderate dementia.  The daughter told me she thought it unwise for her mother to travel, and she told her mother the same thing.

The elderly mother said to her daughter, “You should have let me go to see (my friend).”  Because the daughter is trying to live in the moment and always do her best at that moment, she replied to her mother, “Mom, I made the best decision I could at the time.  That’s the best I can do.”


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