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The Third Agreement: Don’t Make Assumptions

This is the third in a series of articles about Don Miguel Ruiz’ Four AgreementsDon’t Make Assumptions is a very powerful cautionary piece of advice.  We seniors make assumptions all the time.

  • We assume we will become incapacitated as we age;
  • We assume aging is inevitable;
  • We assume medical issues will overtake our lives;
  • We assume we cannot enjoy life as we did when we were younger;
  • We assume loneliness will increase as we age;

This list is almost endless.  The point here is to understand that much about our lives as senior citizens is assumed to be inevitable. Assumptions are just that.  Assumptions.  They are not universal truths.  They are not inevitable. An assumption is a “…proposition that is taken for granted, as if it were true based upon presupposition without preponderance of the facts.”  (Wikipedia) When we mistake an assumption for an inevitable reality, we do ourselves a huge disservice.

Transform Your Life

Assumptions, once understood, can be changed or even better, discarded.  When that happens, your life can be totally transformed.

Ask yourself some tough questions.  Ask yourself what assumptions you might be carrying about your life, your loved ones, your health, your future that just might be off-base.  Examine your thinking carefully.  Use paper and pencil.  Write down what might be assumptions you live with that you need to think about throwing out the window.

A dear friend was diagnosed recently with pancreatic cancer.  Many seniors would make assumptions about this information.  They would believe it to be a death-knell.  That’s an assumption, dear senior friends!

Her response was to believe there is something she needs to learn from the situation, and to believe both medical and spiritual healing are viable options to pursue. Her choice is to not make assumptions about the information, rather to seek love and healing thoughts and prayers from her vast support system of friends and family.

Don’t make assumptions.  Turn your energy into positive action and transforming your senior years into something magnificent.



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