Benefits of Our Grandchildren’s Video Games

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I remember the first time I watched my (now) 18 year old grandson playing video games.  It was at least five years ago, and I watched the speed with which he responded manually to what he saw on the screen.  I saw him playing his character against several opponents (multi-tasking) and I saw the acuity with which his vision saw a multitide of movements on the screen.

I was in awe.  I couldn’t even think about how I could do all he was doing, and he remained at his game for hours on end.  I remember thinking, only for a short time, that he could be spending his time much more productively doing…  and then I stopped.  And I mentally listed all the benefits of Alec’s video game-playing.

He has become a master at multi-tasking, not only with the video games, but with everything he does.  He can manage playing the game, talking with me, scratching two dogs’ ears and telling his mother he will get the phone… all at the same time.  Absolutely amazing!

And he is an unusually safe driver.  He sees movement on the road in front of the auto before anyone else in the car.  His response is immediate and always safe in relationship to whatever the movement was.  His eye-hand coordination is very highly developed.  It’s like he can see ‘through’ fog… the kind of fog that video games create to try to trip up the game player.

He has always been an unusually bright kid, highly verbal and able to think on his feet.  But it seems, after several years of video games, his verbal skills have actually improved.  He is even quicker with a witty response than he was at age 13.  We were watching the football game this afternoon, he was blowing in my ear and I finally turned on him with something pretending wrath… and he said, “Gramma, you know you love to have me blow in your ear!”  Of course, I just melted, and we collapsed in laughter, hugging each other.

So now there is research that proves everything I have just explained about my exceptionally brilliant grandson.  Here it is, and I think you just might enjoy reading the documentation for the behavior I describe…  just so you will know it’s not just my brilliant and charming grandson …  it’s probably every kid who loves video games.  It’s called Video Games Boost Brain Power, and definitely worth reading.

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