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Nov 20th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

These days, more and more, the message comes of one or another of long time friends, colleagues, and dear comrades who are in declining health. The news, while not always unexpected, nonetheless reaches deeply into the heart and pulls at memory and the tight bonds created years ago.

Such news prompts a recognition of the utter and irreplaceable value of those relationships, what they came to mean and how much the recall of them is so valued. Old friends, old times, old joys, old recollections, old and forever valued connections.

But, through an ordinary email, innocently, the news came of one of the finest human beings I have known and his struggle with major health issues. It rocks one a bit. It holds up the mirror of reality and reflects how much


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Coming up with original thoughts, ideas and comments is not that large a challenge. Relying on cliches suggests a laziness and lack of imagination that locks the door to creativity. Having the motivation to push beyond the ordinary are exercises in welcoming wonder into our life experience. Staying within confining boundaries and refusing to allow our minds to be stirred suggests a lethargy not worthy of an exploring spirit.

Deciding to wander outside the limitations of what seem to be required confinement suggests a lack of courage, a dearth of creativity, a willingness to push beyond, a readiness to look further and an attitude of risk and chance that welcomes new possibilities.

It comes in the thoughts we choose to think, in the ideas we are comfortable in exploring,behind the doors we are


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Pre-election posts on my Facebook page were so interesting, and challenging, to read. My friends, knowing I am a retired social worker and educator, posted many comments that favored providing much-needed assistance to women and children (Jesus referred to them as ‘widows and orphans’.) Other comments supported the progress our country has made in the past four years with universal healthcare, eliminating some major terrorists in the world and hope for college tuition and immigration reform.

Other friends, knowing I am a retired social worker and educator, posted comments totally foreign and alien to my values. They supported the need (?) to protect tax cuts


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Aging reshapes us. It does so as we blend and bend to the unusual events in our growing. We are not the same today as we were yesterday. We have had mind altering experiences offering us new insights, changing our perspective, shaking up our opinions, entering our system. No two days are alike as we age. We profess our devotion to routine, but really every new day insists upon its unique identity.

To do so it happens that we are deluged with all kinds of incursions into our lives. The more interaction there is, the more blending and bending takes place. We either blend with the episodes that introduce themselves to our persona, we bend to accommodate the often uninvited incursions or we attempt to ignore them. The latter, a futile effort, usually only delays our having to deal with the issues anyway.


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Scare Tactics Exposed Any time we here at hear scary words from politicians, we pause and go searching for validation of what is being said.  We did that this week with the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ scary-word, and found it to be totally misguided.  (We’re being nice here with our language.) Fictitious Fiscal Cliff First, the […]


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Be it therefore resolved that this day is a good morning to BE ALIVE! It is a good morning for awakening to new pursuits, to quelling long held frustrations, to quitting bad habits, to taking care of yourself, to being a person others enjoy, to eating healthy foods, to cultivating a clear mind and encourage a good conscience, to be thankful for all the wonderful gifts of living, to affirm others who mean so much to you, to stand for truth, right, justice, fairness and a world of joy, to be in the game full force and ready to make a difference, to do things you have put off too long, to lift up someone who has fallen, to stand beside someone who needs you, to inspire others with a smile, a kind word, a gentle touch, a friendly nod.

If all this isn’t enough for you to have a good day, perhaps you can make your own list, not leaving out an emphasis on cultivating your own spirit, nor forgetting to enjoin the spirit of another.


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Having been introduced to the world on December 31, 1938, I was also made aware of the looming war and its hideous threat as my early years opened up the realities of war and its evils. I was also made aware, however, as the war wound down that good also has a place in war. America would be a huge part of that place.

For years thereafter, my perspective on war has been shaped by WWII. As a youngster, I often played “army” in the rain, replete with my helmet and other gear purchased at a Army-Navy store. My neighborhood buddies and I acted out the war scenes we had viewed in black and white movies that came to our town.

Veterans were evident on the streets of our small town. Some still wore their brown khakis or navy blues.


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Holding back the scourge of pain that comes with aging requires intentional discipline, some avoidance, and lots of endurance. Among the many difficulties aging introduces, some can be fraught with physical downturns, e.g. arthritis, intestinal difficulties, vision issues, mobility concerns, memory failure, you may name one or two and the the list still won’t be complete.

Gather a few senior adults in a circle and ere long you will have heard a collection of woes that will be enough to invite discouragement and disable an otherwise good attitude. The facts are, however, that many seniors are plagued with both physical and emotional downturns. Heading off the temptation to have your days overcome with pain and misery is no small task. Depending on your genes, you may be lucky enough not to have so many. My father-in-law died a few months back. He had reached the healthy age of


Nov 12th, 2012 | By | Category: Senior Travel Jim Becker’s Senior Travel blog is moving to a website of its own. Everyone around here is excited about the new site, and we want to be sure all our readers can find it easily.  The new URL is All of the existing travel articles will remain here on SCJ; all of the […]


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It’s never too late to cultivate and encourage your sense of humor. That is one of the dispositions that gives us reason to be every day. Finding humor in so many aspects of life enables a view of life that encourages good health, a sane spirit, an attitudinal perception of day to day living that makes it all worth it.

In the face of so much downside stuff in these past months, an election of negatives, storms of overwhelming proportions, mean world leaders goading each other about possible war, expensive prices on ordinary stuff, it is no wonder having a sense of humor becomes something of a challenge.

Probably, it is worthwhile to sort out all kinds of sources for humor. My