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Some of us seniors experienced and learned to enjoy as teenagers the gift of sleeping-in. And at this age, something over 60 or so, we still crave that opportunity on occasion. It is one of those privileges that comes with being able to choose exactly what you want to do and doing it. Sleeping-in trumps “but I have to get up” feelings that came with accepting responsibility, having a job, meeting a deadline, concern over what others might think, and the plague of suspected laziness.

However, so long as it does not become a daily habit, occasional sleeping in is one of those choices that Seniors have earned the right to enjoy and practice. It displays a sense of self awareness, that I am in charge of my life and my day and if I choose to sleep in, that is quite okay.


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The City of The Crosses Las Cruces, New Mexico is one of the best kept secrets of the American Southwest.  Centuries ago, Spanish explorers brought their faith, culture, language and way of life to this land. Today, over 400 years later, the past is a living treasure alive in everything from the traditional architecture, to […]


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Tips For Smart Travel Traveling is hard enough with all the logistics, headaches and lately, rising fees, but you can be a smart senior traveler on planes, trains and automobiles – even hotels – with some of these insider travel tips. PLANES #1 Check Flight’s Occupancy The trick to knowing if it’s time to buy […]


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Halloween makes seniors and those who are aging, but don’t admit it, young again. Anything that contributes to having a good time is an elixir for youth. Laughter and frivolity are stimulants for staying and being young. Being in the moment and a part of the festivity allows you to behave in youthful ways. Why not be a part of the crowd who finds Halloween to be an occasion for good times?

Within the hour or so that trick or treaters find their way to your door, have the lights on to invite and greet them. Stock up on a variety of goodies to share with your callers. Have your own party. If a group of trick or treaters arrives on your doorstep, invite them in for a few minutes. Let them know that you are a cohort in pursuit of fun.


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New Haven, a Haven for Senior Visitors I recall visiting New Haven when by brother in law was a student at Yale.  Like so many cities in America today New Haven has experienced—and continues to enjoy—a renaissance. Within an easy stroll from the New Haven Green are more than 100 distinctive restaurants, offering something for […]


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If the television volume seems too much for everyone but you, there is likely a hearing issue here. If you must ask persons to repeat what they have just said to you, you are likely experiencing hearing loss. If you can’t sort out what is being discussed in a small group, so that you can participate, you are likely undergoing hearing loss.

Embarrassment, inability to be a part of a conversation, irritation from having to ask for a repeat, difficulty in making out what is being said on the television, all of these are definite signs of hearing loss.

Doing something about it takes initiative


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Those 10,000 new retirees a day offer an interesting view of how the world is changing. Markets are more and more motivated by those who are retired or on the doorstep of retiring. The number of commercials on air can be gauged by the theme of those commercials. More and more of them emphasize drug company products. Some have been adequately tested. Others, only one can wonder.

Almost as soon as another disease is discussed and belabored, another “cure” or treatment is available. Has there been ample time given to the possible side affects and pronounced problems that may be associated with this newest “pill?”

We took my 92 year old mother to her new physician for an initial visit


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For those who are studiously following the season’s political elections, the question looms, after it is all over, how will the world look?

How much of what those who are running have said and preached and proclaimed will influence the picture of our day to day world. A lot? Little? Some? More than we can imagine.

However the world looks, the more provocative question is what will it be like. Will the world take on characteristics that are good for its inhabitants or will it be a threatening and fearful place to live?


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Monarch Butterfly Migration is Annual Trek Senior citizens are not the only travelers.  I have long been mystified by the annual Monarch butterfly migration to Mexico.  Have you ever seen them congregate in huge masses in the trees?  It’s that time of year again, so join me as we trace the 4,000-mile round trip made […]


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Most anything can be endured for a short period of time. Even pain. But stretch it out endlessly and the ability to cope becomes compromised. Aging brings with it the need to find ways to deal with the presence of pain. Medications, both prescribed and over the counter, proliferate as a means of dealing with the incessant attack of pain. The wide variety of meds available on the market today require some understanding of their potential dangers as well. While promising to relieve pain, they also come with side affects that are equally problematic.

Keeping pain at bay is the day by day challenge faced by seniors. Some are manageable, some are not. The more severe forms often create challenges beyond bearing. Among persons I have known and loved