Your Next American Road Trip: From the East to the West, Explore

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Seniors Explore American Roads

There’s nothing that can reveal the vastness of the great American landscape better than a road trip. Seeing the geography and history firsthand is better education than any classroom. The thing is there’s a lot of country out there, and it would take months to see it all at once.

Choose the locations you would like to visit first — focus on a region, a landmark or simply traverse the rich diversity one mountain road at a time.

Retracing the Steps of the Pioneers

The Appalachian Mountains were the first large obstacle to many American settlers. Upon finding much of the coastal area settled even before the American Revolution, later colonists set out in search of land and fortune in this rugged landscape. As you drive through the mountain ranges, which stretches from Georgia all the way into Quebec, you will not only witness the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains and numerous Civil War battlefields, you’ll see quirky roadside attractions like the World’s Largest Chest of Drawers in High Point, NC, states, natural wonders like the Luray Caverns and Shenandoah National Park in VA and the Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, in Cass, WV, according to


Photo of the Appalachian Mountains by Nicholas_T via Flickr

South Texas Birding Nature Adventures

Southern Texas is home to the World Birding Center’s nine unique locations along a 120-mile historic river road south of Corpus Christi, according to Visitors to any one of these sites can take in not only the scenery of the Rio Grande Valley, but a unique birding adventure. Those who take this opportunity will witness one of the most incredible migrations on the planet. The trip can be the start to a tour of the entire Rio Grande Valley, from Padre Island on the Gulf to Big Bend National Park and on to the city of El Paso.

Big Bend National Park

Photo of Big Bend National Park by R Hensley via Flickr

Route 66

Traveling west from Chicago, the iconic Route 66 cuts through cities such as St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Albuquerque and Flagstaff before it finds its terminus in Los Angeles, according to Drivers will experience more than just the sights and sounds of these great cities, they’ll also get the chance to see the bucolic landscape of the Great Plains, the rugged mountain ranges of New Mexico, the Sonora Desert and eventually, the majestic waters of the Pacific.

Route 66 Sign

Photo of a Route 66 sign by eGuide Travel via Flickr

Before You Go

Before any type of trip, there are certain steps you must take.

  • Stop by a trusted service center before you leave. Hyundai Scottsdale recommends having a factory-trained professional change your oil, fill fluids, balance and rotate tires, check brakes and under the hood.
  • Create an itemized list of everything you need while on the road. This list should include not only a spare and tools to change a tire, but also a small gas can, flashlight, batteries, first-aid kit, GPS, maps, audio books, music, non-perishable snacks and plenty of water.

Research the destinations that peak your interest. This includes cities, towns, historical sites and national or state parks. In some cases, these locations may be undergoing renovations so be sure to check hours of operation and summer hours.

Andrea Porter: A painter, mom, wife and photographer, Andrea always has material to write about. Finding the time to write is another story altogether.

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