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This Senior Citizen Travels to Vienna

My daughter and her senior father recently had the good fortune to visit Vienna in between visits to Prague and Budapest. Vienna was awesome, overflowing with musical history, a wide variety of architecturally beautiful buildings and parks everywhere.

Vienna is the capital of the Republic of Austria. It is by far the largest city in Austria (pop. 1.7m), as well as its cultural, economic, and political center. As the former home of the Hapsburg court and its various empires, the city still has the trappings of the imperial capital it once was, and the historic city centre is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Vienna is a breathtaking city, not least because of its marvelous architecture.

Dynamic Wien and Overkill Lonely Planet

Few cities in the world glide so effortlessly between the present and the past like Vienna. Its splendid historical face is easily recognized: grand imperial palaces and bombastic baroque interiors, museums flanking magnificent squares and, above all, the Hofburg – where the Hapsburg rulers lived, loved and married into empires.

It is the city of Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert, Strauss, Brahms, Mahler and Schönberg. Lonely Planet may totally overwhelm senior visitors with their listing of 715 things to do, 113 activities, 154 entertainment suggestions, 156 restaurants and more. I suggest that you just put on a good pair of walking shoes and follow the crowd.  In most cases the crowd will take you to and from what you want to see and do in the city.

We took the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour which saves a lot of time and shoe leather.  There are three tours, each lasting about one hour, including one to Schönbrunn Palace. The glories of imperial Austria are nowhere brought together more convincingly than in the Palace Complex. Maria Theresa had the Schönbrunn Palace built and her imperial elegance is seen throughout the Complex. This is a must see on any visit to Vienna. The Palace with its surrounding buildings and the huge park is one of the most significant cultural monuments in Austria. The castle was built to rival French Versailles in Baroque beauty and importance but House Hapsburg lacked funds to outdo its rivaling nation, France, and get this…1,400 rooms!

Vienna for free

The historic center of Vienna is rich in beautiful architecture, including Baroque castles and gardens, as well as the late-19th-century Ringstrasse lined with grand buildings, monuments and parks. Again, walking and just following the crowds in both directions will get you to the major free attractions in Vienna. It just always seemed to me like the crowd was coming toward me instead of the other way, which meant that there had to be a major attraction where they just came from.

So Much For Seniors to See and Do in Vienna

Seniors have a wide variety of information to choose via the computer.  About Vienna is a rich resource with just about everything you will want to know prior to your visit. I just had to have Wiener Schnitzel at least twice while I was in Vienna.  It is a speciality originating from the Italian “costoletta milanese” -breadcrumbed and fried veal escalope. We passed by the Schmetterlingshaus (butterfly house) and my daughter wanted to check it out.

Senior citizen travelers, have a ball in Vienna where over 400 balls are staged each winter, frequented by 300,000 dance-loving visitors from all around the world. The reason for the carnival-like addiction to balls amongst the Viennese can be traced back to the 18th century, when the wearing of masks and costumes was reserved for the nobility, on private occasions. In Prague we went hopping from pub to pub for good lager; in Vienna we went hopping from Kaffeehaus to Kaffeehaus for Viennese coffee. The locals have developed a whole culture around coffee drinking and elevated it to an all encompassing attitude of life.

Attention Horse Lovers

Elegance, intelligence, strength and outstanding talent for the art of classical horsemanship, this is how the beloved white Lipizzaner horse is characterized. This magical horse is part of a tradition of classical dressage dating back to 1572.  I’ve seen them perform and it is guaranteed that you will be totally impressed as I was. The horse of royalty, the world famous Lipizzaner Stallions have been delighting audiences around the world for decades.

And lastly…

Must-Dos may include the Prater for seniors who enjoy riding on a Giant Ferris Wheel. It’s included on the Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour.  To finalize your visit here type into Google:  “best places to visit in Vienna” and ride the wave.  Vienna is just one awesome tourist destination with so much for seniors to see and do …plus the food is some of the best in the entire world.  genießen Sie Wien! jeb

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