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Seniors Travel to Gulf Shores and Biloxi

This senior citizen doesn’t know much about Gulf Shores, AL and Biloxi, MS but I know that my brother and his wife have spent a great deal of time in both cities, especially when the weather in Illinois was rather chilly.  The two cities are 100 miles apart taking the route  through Mobile and you can drive it in 2 hours. Some things old, some things new, but always something fun to do  on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  These two tourist attractions have drawn more and more senior citizens to the south over the past few years.

Gulf Shores has an official website that links off to the many fine beaches.  Something magical seems to happen when seniors visit the Alabama Gulf Coast. You will not be wanting for attractions on the Gulf. The moment one arrives, the world starts to fade away. Maybe it’s the sound of waves gently lapping the shore or the smell of coconut oil. Perhaps it’s the white sand Gulf Coast beaches and sparkling emerald water. Suddenly building sandcastles moves to the top of your “to-do” list. You remember just how much fun your spouse is. You linger over a succulent, fresh seafood dinner at one of the seaside restaurants in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, where nobody rushes to get away from the table.

Nighttime is the right time for having fun along the Gulf Coast. From family entertainment to rocking roadhouses, give your sunburn a chance to cool down at some local hot spots. Music fills the air just about every night. Whether you’re looking for delta blues, country crooners, calypso or buffett style,  they’re serving up a smorgasbord of great Gulf Coast entertainment.

Wikitravel will fill you in on the fine details for your visit. Yahoo Travel will find you some deals on hotels and plan out your route for arrival.

Biloxi is an Indian word that means First People.  It is a city of about 50,000 and while the image of a small city in Southern Mississippi may conjure up many stereotypical images from the old south, Biloxi is far from that image. Over the past decade, the city has become a small paradise on the Gulf of Mexico attracting seniors travelers from across the country.

It is an exciting city loaded with fun things to catch your attention. Biloxi is located on a peninsula between the Biloxi Bay and the Mississippi Sound on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.  Industries in Biloxi include fishing and boat building, the packing and shipping of shrimp and oysters and several small manufactures.

A Touch of Vegas on the Gulf Shores Greets Seniors

For those who like to gamble, there’s certainly plenty of that available, and when you sit down at a slot machine or a gaming table the experience isn’t much, if any, different than it would be in Las Vegas. Since 1990, floating casinos have made Biloxi the center of a booming gambling district with thousands of new hotel rooms.  Biloxi is no longer known as a beach resort and has become the third largest gaming site in the US.

Many seniors enjoy a fishing charter as a great means to experience the Gulf and have fun pulling in a few fish. If not fishing, then how about shrimping? The pride and heritage of Biloxi comes alive aboard this unique and interesting cruise. The Biloxi Shrimping Trip exposes seniors to the spectacular world of sea life – caught on a real shrimping expedition. Upon leaving the harbor, the shrimping net is set out with full details of how and what makes the net spread and operate correctly. The net will catch any and all sea creatures in its path along with the shrimp. That sounds kinda fun to me.

TripAdvisor suggests 30 additional things to see and do including taking in the Hard Rock Cafe. After a visit to Gulf Shores and Biloxi, you may have difficulty choosing which place you would like to return to next year.  jeb

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