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Things to See and Do in Brooklyn

Men climb mountains because “They are There!”  This blog is on Brooklyn, NY because it is there.  There is plenty for seniors to see and do in Brooklyn besides crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. Here you will find 2.5 million locals crowded into dozens of busy neighborhoods and where history is evident on each and every street.

Attractions in Brooklyn – Something for Everyone

Brooklyn NY has something for every senior. Whether your interests lie in architecture, museums or amusement parks in Brooklyn, festivals or futbol, culture or night clubs and nightlife, you’ll find just what you’re looking for, plus things you never expected.

Visit Brooklyn, where you can travel the world in one day, from “Little Odessa” in Brighton Beach to Chinatown in Sunset Park, to Polish Greenpoint, to African-American history in Bedford-Stuyvesant, to Caribbean Flatbush, to Latino Sunset Park and Bushwick, to Pakistani Midwood, to the world’s largest Hasidic population in Williamsburg and Crown Heights. History? Yes! In Brooklyn you can tour revolutionary history through the eyes of David McCullough.

Brooklyn’s Culture and Ethnic Cuisines Attracts Seniors

In Brooklyn,  you can enjoy the cultures and cuisines of Asia, South and Central America, Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean – all on the same day if you’ve got the energy and the appetite!

With many fine hotels and B&Bs to use as a base for exploring Brooklyn, almost any international tourist can find a bit of home here while also enjoying sights, art, languages, and music from the wide variety of countries Brooklyn’s incredibly diverse neighborhoods represent.

Need help getting around? Use this Brooklyn bus and subway maps to get to your destination. Unfortunately Coney Island is due to close, but you can still see where it was.

Visitor’s Guide and TripAdvisor

Hugely popular as a tourist destination, both for guests of locals and senior citizen travelers to the Big Apple, Brooklyn is big enough to be a city unto itself. What are the some of the major highlights to see? This handy guide even suggests how seniors are to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

So after you cross the Brooklyn Bridge, visit the Brooklyn Bridge Park, nestled on the shore of the East River across from lower Manhattan. It is Brooklyn’s newest public park and it’s spectacular, with a huge vista of New York Harbor, the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, lower Manhattan, boat traffic on the East River, and of course, views of the Statue of Liberty.

That Natural History at Brooklyn Botanic Garden looked good to me, but then as a Master Gardener, I love gardening. TripAdvisor puts in their “two cents worth” with review, photos and maps. You can also punch in 20 tours, 32 spots for nightlife and 21 suggested shopping stores. A Slice of Brooklyn will take you on a nice tour.

Fodor’s let’s us know that Brooklyn is exploding. Hardly Manhattan’s wimpy sidekick, this is the largest and most populous of all the boroughs, with more than 2.5 million residents. If it were an independent city, it would be the fourth largest in the country.

I’ll leave you today with a map of Brooklyn and some super shots and videos for you to enjoy prior to your visit.  Oh yes, Fodor’s has a nice listing by category to fill your itinerary.  jeb

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