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Sights Attract Senior Visitors

Eastern Washington is the portion of Washington state east of the Cascade Range. The eastern region contains the city of Spokane (the second largest city in the state), the Tri-Cities, the Columbia River and the Grand Coulee Dam, the Hanford Nuclear Reservation and the fertile farmlands of the Yakima Valley and the Palouse.  From the rolling fields of the Palouse to the rugged mountains near Republic, Eastern Washington’s landscape will capture the heart of senior citizens and inspire your adventurous spirit.

Grand Coulee Dam is truly magnificent. Building started in 1933. It is 550 feet tall, from the 500 foot wide polished granite base, to the 30 foot wide crest which supports a paved two lane road. When you include the third power house, Grand Coulee Dam is almost 1 mile long. Did you know there is enough concrete in the Grand Coulee Dam to build a 60 foot wide highway four inches thick, from Los Angeles to New York City!   That is a 4 lane Highway  3,000 miles long. Impressed me with those figures!  Coulee Dam is the largest hydropower producer in the US, fourth largest producer in the world.  Enjoy BIll Beer singing “Grand Coulee Dam”.

East vs West

The eastern two thirds of Washington State is uniquely different from the   coastal plain that lies west of the Cascade Mountains. Compared to Western Washington, Eastern Washington has roughly twice the land area, one-third the population and two great rivers running through it.   The Snake River is the largest tributary of the Columbia that is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest region.

Western Washington’s signature is dense dark green Douglas Fir forests and the rain required to grow those forests. Eastern Washington lies east of the Cascade Mountain range that holds the moisture from the Pacific storms to the west.  That gives Eastern Washington a dryer, warmer climate in the tourist season and a colder and drier climate in the winter months.  With an annual rainfall of only 8 inches, Washington’s eastern half has a decidedly different climate than the west side, which is drenched by 48 inches of precipitation each year.

Variety of Destinations Awaits Senior Visitors

Imagine a region with high desert and lush lowlands, some good fishing on the Columbia River, towering mountains, pastoral valleys dotted with many small towns, old growth forest and scrubby sage. Senior citizen travelers will find it all in Eastern Washington, along with bustling cities like Spokane and small towns with spirit like Davenport and Rosalia. Seniors  planning a vacation in eastern Washington have a variety of destinations from which to choose.

No matter where you travel in this beautiful state, senior citizens will find a certain kind of welcome that you just won’t get anywhere else. It’s warm… much like the abundant sunshine. The grapes love the warm sunshine as well and produce lots of great wines. Birders will enjoy the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge with over 200 different bird species from Seahawks, to owls and cliff swallows.


The City of Cheney, just 17 miles southwest of Spokane, is now home to more than 10,130 people. Cheney is proud of its small town environment with strong ties to education, rail and agriculture. The city is home to Eastern Washington University. I earned some credit hours from there once.

Eastern Washington is just waiting for you, senior travelers, so check out some of the above sites and enjoy a visit.  jeb

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