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Sonoma County Calls Seniors

The Sonoma Country Tourism Bureau asks…”do you speak Sonoma”? Sonomads are seniors prone to wander around the county in search of new adventures. Corkhopping? What’s that? It is the delicious act of wine tasting at multiple wineries.  And a Forkscrew.  Ever heard of one of those?  It ends up being a real item that is a multiple purpose utensil facilitating wine and food pairings.  And lastly what they call “Living in Zin” which is sharing a particular vintage before (and after) you are married.  Well, that’s a good start for Sonoma.  Now let’s check out the site.

It’s there just waiting for your arrival

Less that an hour north of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, this land of plenty endows seniors with an experience of a lifetime.  It is not just for wine lovers, but for all those who embrace the California lifestyle. Friendly winemakers explain their craft in small tasting rooms, farmers invite you to discover their organic farms and the locals point out where to find the best beaches on the coast or trails through the redwoods. You will enjoy exploring the quaint small towns along the coast while meeting interesting artists or just relaxing at a cafe among the vines. I had never heard the term “wine surfing” before, but here it is in everyone’s vocabulary. Sonoma County encompasses a wide variety of landscapes: from oak-studded hills to flood plains, from redwood groves to windswept beaches. Sonoma County Farm Trails members can be found in all of these places, offering agricultural products with their own sense of terroir: flavors and textures unique to their soil and micro-climates.

A Million Acres

As you explore Sonoma County’s million acres and incredible diversity you will want to spend time at Lake Sonoma or an evening being epicurious trying out new restaurants that abound in the area. Whether you want to sightsee, shop, dine, take in a show, relax or play (or all of the above), here is some information to help you get started. Simply click on the category you’re interested in for more ideas and information. Sonoma County may be known for wine, but with 76 miles of Pacific Coastline, redwood forests, an African safari and a thrilling road course, there is every type of activity available, ensuring you have something to write home about.

What Makes SC So Special?

It’s a place where people go for peace and quiet; to enjoy the vast and beautiful terrain of Northern California; to eat of the bounty of the Pacific Ocean; and to taste the magnificent libations produced by the rich soil that allows grapes to grow abundantly in this region. This is Sonoma County.

Each year, thousands upon thousands of visitors take the drive north to enjoy days of endless activity – from wine-tasting at Sonoma County’s more than 200 award-winning wineries to camping in the state and regional parks to merely relaxing in one of more than 11,000 rooms offered to visitors at hotels, inns, lodges, and bed and breakfast establishments throughout the county. When you’re through admiring the picturesque vineyards, enjoying elegant dinners at the wineries, and exploring the 200,000 acres of grapes, there are plenty of other fun things to do in Sonoma County.

Visiting Raymond Burr Vineyards is a special treat! Legendary Raymond Burr, of the Perry Mason and Ironside fame, along with longtime friend and colleague Robert Benevides, planted their first Cabernet Sauvignon vines in 1986 and bottled their first vintage in 1992. Take a day or two to pamper yourself at the world-class spas. Go antique shopping in quaint downtown areas, or consider a day of gallery browsing at the dozens of art galleries located throughout Sonoma County. While you’re at it, take in a museum or two and learn about the rich history of Northern California. The largest city in Sonoma County is Santa Rosa and is well worth your visit.

Things to See and Do

Good old TripAdvisor will fix you up with a nice listing of B&Bs, top-rated restaurants and top-rated things to do (285 in all). There are a variety of tours to consider in Sonoma County including bike tours and a motorized SF Cable Car through the vineyards. And oh yes, I could not leave you without sharing the “Official County of Sonoma website.” Enjoy your visit. jeb

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