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Praha is a Must Visit for Senior Travelers

I just returned from a trip to Prague (Praha in Czech) with my daughter and on to Vienna and Budapest. I wanted to share some inside information from which I can speak first-hand. We  dearly loved Prague.  Being half Czech may have tinted this senior citizen’s opinion some, however the “City of a Hundred Spires” rates very high with me.

Located in the heart of Europe, Prague is easy to get to by train, plane, car or bus. I found particularly interesting that this site rated our hotel, Red and Blue Design Hotel as one of the recommended hotels in Prague. It was centrally located and it was easy to cross over the famed Charles Bridge to the older part of the city. The bridge was awesome, 515 meters long and almost 10 meters wide and filled with entertainment and souvenir displays.  It is a center of activity all day long and is definitely one of the most beautiful spots in Prague as witnessed by the hundreds of tourists who congregate on the bridge.

Another “biggie” is the medieval astronomical clock that adorns the southern wall of the Old Town City Hall in the Old Town Square and announces every hour with 12 apostles passing by the window above the astronomical dial and with symbolic sculptures moving aside. Wenceslas Square is another “must” see attraction that lies at the heart of the New Town (Nove Mesto).

Millions of tourists flock to Praha each year

The number of tourists to this majestic city exceeded the magic mark of five million with a total of 5,132,042 guests. 70,000 tourists flock to the city every day. We saw senior American tourists in all parts of the city. Prague is the sixth most visited city in Europe and we certainly know why. We were in London and Rome last September and Prague rates right up there with both of those fantastic cities.

My daughter and I took a Hop-On Hop-Off tour in each of the three cities, Prague, Vienna and Budapest.  They work very well allowing you to see many of the major sites that you might miss if you are on foot especially in the older quarter of town. Prague is also the museum capital of the world, with more than 20 in the city center. In 1992, its historic center (Staré město) covering 866 hectares was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In 1993, Czechoslovakia split into two countries and Prague became capital city of the new Czech Republic. It is one of the largest cities of Central Europe and has served as the capital of the historic region of Bohemia for centuries. The Vltava River runs through the middle of Prague, which is home to 1.2 million people.

History and Architectural Styles Attract Senior Travelers

This site will fill you in on all the places that you will not want to overlook. The “two biggies” are Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge. This guide to Prague is written by long-time Prague residents and covers a variety of topics with practical travel information and tips to hotel bookings and sightseeing tour reservation services.

The food in Prague was awesome.  My daughter and I dined at the Hotel U Prince restaurant where a new bride and groom still in full regalia were seated right next to us. The hotel is located  in the historic heart of Prague protected by UNESCO, on the venerable Old Town Square, where in times past both Czech and European history was played out. You can’t miss it.

The Velvet Revolution

More than 20 years after the fall of communism and the Velvet Revolution, the popularity of Prague (Praha in Czech) as one of Europe’s premier senior tourist destinations shows no signs of slowing down. And while it’s no longer the senior traveler’s bargain it was in earlier days, the Czech capital’s combination of a thrilling history and glorious architectural over achievement remains as compelling as ever.

And we did sample some great Czech beer

The Czech Republic is said to have the greatest beer (pivo in Czech) in the world.  Now we think so too.  We also think that the Hungarian wines deserve to be at the top of the wine list as well.

Lonely Planet adds a plethora of helpful information prior to your visit.  I could go on and on about Praha but will terminate this blog with 10 Things You Need To Know About Prague and the Top 10 Prague Attractions. Be sure to check out some of the additional YouTube videos on both of these URLs. Sbohem pro te’ a Bon Voyage. jeb

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