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Seniors Visit Gilroy

If you know anything about Gilroy, California, then you know why seniors who visit this city may smell like garlic.  Called the Garlic Capital of The World, Gilroy is located about 30 miles south of San Jose.  Whether you need to keep the vampires at bay or are just a bonafide garlic fanatic, the last full weekend of each July in Gilroy celebrates the granddaddy of all food festivals!

Seniors will enjoy three full days of food, fun and celebration with its wide variety of garlic-spiced dishes, exotic foods, entertainment along with arts and crafts. How about garlic ice cream, garlic cake, garlic candy, garlic noodles and garlic ____–____ fill in the blank? 63 booths will entice your palate and invite you to enjoy the festivities celebrating “The Stinking Rose”, the pungent herb used by chefs worldwide. This year’s annual Garlic Festival features a cook-off and many cooking events.

The inspiration behind the first Garlic Festival was the desire to share extraordinary garlic-enhanced recipes with visitors from across the globe. Gourmet Alley and its pyro chefs have thus become the heart of America’s premier summertime food event. You’ll get to hear Stompy Jones, the Bombshell Bullys and Donald Evans and the Hound Dogs as well as a host of other bands on three stages all day long.

Over 100 of the finest artists and craftsmen from around the country come to the Garlic Festival with a wide variety of fine art: paintings, sculptures, ceramics, jewelry, photography, glassworks, woodworks and mixed media — something for everyone!

A trip to the Festival is not validated until you’ve visited Gourmet Alley and enjoyed an array of delicacies that include stuffed mushrooms, peppersteak sandwiches, pasta con pesto, calamari, scampi, Italian sausage sandwiches, garlic bread and garlic fries. Gourmet Alley’s chefs share their preparation secrets in hourly cooking seminars on the Demonstration Stage.  4,000 volunteers keep the Festival that brings in over 100,000 guests moving along.

Gilroy is also known for its peaceful residential environment, its award-winning parks, golf course and recreation programs, and for its “urban forest,” for which the City has won Tree City USA awards annually since 1979.

Other Things For Seniors To See and Do

Sure Gilroy is on the map for the Festival and the annual production of “the Rose Onion” but check out 43 other highly rated fun attractions in and around Gilroy. Gilroy Gardens Theme Park brings in lots of seniors and families. Take the photo gallery tour to see it now.

The folks at Garlic World can fix you up with a nice supply of garlic to take home…anything from 50-5000 pounds.  Christopher Ranch is the “biggie” that ships more garlic out of Gilroy than any other producer in the world.  Gilroy Wineries abound in the area, they are easy to locate and no, they don’t taste like garlic. And some great golf courses too.

The Gilroy Welcome Center has information on all aspects of this fascinating city with just over 50,000 people. Gilroy has a small town atmosphere, and is centrally located to many of the well-known places that central California has to offer senior travelers.

TripAdvisor will fix you up with a great itinerary, find you a super hotel and some fine dining. This Gilroy Travel Guide fills in lots of blanks too. I’ll depart today providing you with a few great garlic recipes to try at home. Enjoy Gilroy. jeb


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