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Being one half Czech from my mother’s Mizaur side of the family, I have always wanted to visit Prague and Czechoslovakia.  When my wife and I were in Paris after leading a group to Provence, we went up to the Hertz rental car counter.  We wanted to rent a car to go to Prague. We were told no, they would not rent us a car for Prague as… “they steal our cars in that city.”  So we went to the Avis counter.  Same story. The same response at AutoEurope, Economy, Alamo and all the others.  We were told to take the train and then bus around the city or take a city tour. 

Prague (“Mother of Cities”) is one of the cultural centers of Europe, displaying a permanent showcase for outstanding performing artists and symphony orchestras at the city’s classical venues. The city also houses many enlightening institutions such as museums, galleries and theatres.  The seniors who I know and who have visited Prague all have nothing but glowing reports on the city, and they dearly appreciated the impressive architecture.

The Prague Experience website claims to be “your complete guide to Prague”, so don’t miss the site as it claims to be the original online Prague city guide and booking service. Over the years they have built up a lot of useful visitor information, all of which you will find on this website. You can also take advantage of

their exclusive deals on Prague hotels and apartments, plus book the best in Prague sightseeing and entertainment.  Visitors say that Prague is the most exciting city in Central Europe with wonderful sightseeing, opera, restaurants and nightlife.

The Czech Republic lies at the heart of Central Europe and at its center is the beautiful and historic city of Prague. With a population of some 1.3 million residents, the city called the Golden City and the City of a Hundred Spires lies on either side of the Vltava River in the middle of Bohemia that is one of the three historic Czech territories; the others being Moravia and Silesia. The city has seven “Chapter Divisions” or districts. Prague, also known as Zlata Praha in the past, is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic.  So all this make me half Bohemian… the other half is staunch German.

Prague is renowned for having the largest ancient castle in the world, according to the Guinness World Records. Prague Castle is the #1 Prague attraction.  It is the largest medieval castle complex in Europe and the ancient seat of Czech kings throughout the ages.  This could be called a “Must.”

It is always wise to know a few phrases of the local language and this site can help.  Hello is  Dobrý den!  The most common formal greeting used from morning until late afternoon, equivalent of the English “Good morning” and “Good afternoon” and Hi Ahoj! / Čau! / Nazdar! ” Ahoj” is the most common informal greeting used between friends. “Čau” is more informal than “Ahoj”. “Nazdar” is a less common informal greeting.  And Goodbye is Na shledanou!, a formal greeting used when parting.  More czech phrases and words are in a nice language phrasebook. The terms come with audio pronunciation by a native Czech speaker.  Now, if you really want to get “into the language” go to YouTube and take your pick of czech lessons as YouTube is far and away the most popular destination on the Internet for viewing video, most of which has been posted by users, so…Na shledanou!  jeb

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