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Seniors Venture to Centuri-Fort

I picked up a small stone this morning on a shelf in my study and on it was marked Centuri-Fort, June 10, 2002. It brought back memories of that trip with a group of senior citizens on an Elderhostel tour of Corsica. I served as the Tour Group Leader. Corsica was like no other place I had ever visited. Although most folks speak French, a dialect is spoken everywhere on the island.

Cape Corse, a tiny fishing village on on the northwest tip of the island was a little Shangri-La. We landed in the capital Ajaccio and toured by bus around the island. One has to primarily take a route along the coast because the island is all mountains. I have described it in the past as “taking a newspaper, wading it up and tossing it on the floor, that’s Corsica.  All mountains.”

Centuri-Port Exudes Tranquility

When biographer, James Boswell, arrived on Corsica  from England in 1765, the former Roman settlement of CENTURI-PORT was a tiny fishing village, recommended to him for its peaceful detachment from the dangerous turmoil of the rest of Corsica.

Not much has changed since Boswell’s time: Centuri-Port exudes tranquility despite a serious influx of summer residents, many of them artists who come to paint the fishing boats in the slightly prettified harbor, where the grey-stone wall is highlighted by the green serpentine roofs of the encircling cottages, restaurants and bars.

The only drawback is that senior visitors will find the small beach disappointingly muddy and not ideal for sunbathing (although it is an excellent spot for snorkeling). It is highly colorful with a host of small and large fishing vessels…one of the nicest small ports of Corsica.

Travel Twang’s 360 Tour of Centuri-Port

While I have discovered dozens of travel aids and guides for seniors to use, Travel Twang is a new one. This tour provides a nice 360 tour of the fishing village that will entice visitors.

Corsica is an island of contrasts, from rugged mountain outcrops, to tranquil broad bays. Visit the cathedral and sit and watch the all the action in Centuri-Port. Take lunch on the port and watch the world go by.  I recommend a small cafe on the south side of the port where you can watch everything as the fishing boats pass in and out of the harbor entrance.

AOL Invites Senior Citizens to Come Along

AOL finds that for exciting activities in the open air, Corsica is an ideal place for senior travelers. A thousand kilometers of coastline, crystal clear rivers, tourist roads, hills to climb, mountains more than 2000m high, winding mountain roads uphill and downhill where bike riders can put their skills to the test.

While the entire island is exciting, Centuri-Port stands alone in its location and unique landscape. Panoramio has some shots of the village along with a map of several other hot spots on Corsica. I loved this tranquil night shot of the village by flickr .

TripAdvisor will find a nice hotel for you as well as some great seafood restaurants. So talk with your travel agent about a visit to Corsica and spend some time in Centuri-Port. You’ll love the ambiance and the scenery. jeb

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