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The Canadian Badlands Welcomes Seniors

The Canadian Badlands of Alberta is a unique travel and senior tourism destination in Canada’s “Wild West.” With scenic drives from several urban centers, the Canadian Badlands has unique coulee landscapes and hoodoo rock formations. The region is best known for rich deposits of fossils, including dinosaur bones, unearthed at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Dinosaur Provincial Park and showcased at the world-class Royal Tyrrell Museum. This area is known as the Dinosaur Capital of the World. It is only a 90-minute drive from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The town of Drumheller, Alberta is home to the best Badlands scenery in Canada, the world-famous Royal Tyrrell Museum, and the richest deposits of fossils and dinosaur bones in North America. Whether you visit  the Canadian Badlands for a day or road trip for a week, it inspires song, spirituality and honest wide-eyed wonder for the senior citizen.

For more than a hundred years, Alberta has been known as a mountain playground. Peering at the pages of travel magazines you will see endless images of Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper. Even the Canadian $20 bill shows an image of the mountains in the name of Moraine Lake. More recently though, the tide is beginning to turn as more and more senior travelers begin to explore some of the numerous, non-mountainous attractions. And one of the most exciting landscapes within the province can be found hidden within the middle of the vast prairies–the Badlands.

The famous passion play is performed annually since 1994 in Drumheller, Alberta. The play takes place every July in a natural bowl amphitheater found in the Drumheller Valley. The outdoor stage was chosen for its likeness to the hills near Jerusalem as well as the superb natural acoustics.

The Rich, Varied Topography Intrigues Seniors

Alberta’s Badlands hosts some of Canada’s most intriguing travel experiences. Its unique natural riches include open blue skies, UNESCO world heritage sites and prairie communities. The Canadian Badlands are dotted with “Mascots”. Perhaps the most well known is the 86-foot T-rex in Drumheller, but if you snoop around a bit, you”ll find quirky characters and giant, over-sized objects of all kinds in the most unlikely places. This site has a nice checklist for you to carry with you upon your arrival.

You won’t run out of space as the Canadian Badlands offers seniors 90,000 square kilometers of adventure in a landscape that’s easily more good than bad. Unlike almost anywhere else in North America the Canadian Badlands offers more than just cowboys, wildlife, and dinosaurs, with great entertainment, local culture and cuisine, and accommodations waiting to be discovered. If you are into B&Bs, check out these.

So mosey on over and inspect a dinosaur from two feet away, walk through the unfettered grasslands and all of this in a natural preserve.  jeb

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