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This Avallon is Not a Toyota

I just loved Avallon, France.  I recently pulled up behind an Avalon (Toyota) and my mind went back to France and this lovely little Burgondian village.  I do remember it well as  an attractive town with cobblestone streets, open gardens, and fine balconied townhouses.

Seniors enjoy exploring Avallon on foot

The main centre of Avallon which is of interest to senior visitors has a pedestrian friendly shopping center and an interesting historical old town, large enough to include plenty of side streets in which you can discover unspoiled ancient buildings. The ‘center’ of Avallon, reached by the imposing 15th century gateway-clocktower, is the square that includes the 12th century Church of Saint-Lazare. As you walk around you will discover the remains of fortifications in Avallon, including several towers, with perhaps 50% of the town’s original circle of fortifications still intact. Even in the center of the town you suddenly find you are standing on top of the fortifications and looking out across the pretty wooded landscape that surrounds the town.

Vezelay is just 12 km to the south

Vezelay in Burgundy is very close to Avallon and well worth a visit. It is one of the ‘most beautiful villages of France‘, is 50km south of Auxerre in Burgundy. An attractive village, Vezelay is in an imposing position strung out along the crest of a hill, with far-reaching views over the ‘Monts de Morvan’ and on the edge of the Morvan Regional Park. It too is one of the treasures of Burgundy. There are many other things to see and do in the area as these photos show. And you are not far from Nuit Saint George a great Burgundy wine.

Biscuits and Gingerbread

I do remember gingerbread in Avallon and the manufacture of biscuit and gingerbread.  Leather and farm implements support the economy in Avallon, and there is considerable traffic on wood, wine, and live-stock and agricultural produce in the surrounding country.

Seniors Visit and Dine in Countryside

TripAdvisor has some neat photos of the countryside surrounding Avallon. Burgundy is loaded with one green valley after another a little like Normandy, except that the Norman valley are loaded with fog early in the AM which adds much to its character.  Do stop in and enjoy Dame Jeanne and check out this hotel and its three star restaurant called Hostellerie du Moulin des Ruats.  Le Vaudesir is another great place for gourmets to enjoy great Burgundian cuisine. You will see why I rate Avallon so high when you visit any of these three fine establishments. Your stay here in the countryside at any of these hotels may end up being a highlight of your visit in this part of France. jeb

Popular Cities near Avallon

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