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My wife and I had the good fortune to visit “the Paris of the South” in Argentina. As a Southern Hemisphere city, Buenos Aires’ seasons occur at opposite times of the year from those of us in the north. For instance, when it’s winter in New York, it’s summer in Buenos Aires.  We were there in July and it was a bit chilly.  The most popular time to visit is during the warmer months of spring and summer (September through March), when cruises arrive, outdoor events take place, and people flee from colder locales. The least popular time to visit is in the fall and winter (April through August), when temperatures drop.

Buenos Aires features exquisite European form of architectures, absorbing the passion of worldwide travelers. Huffington Post has these articles to share with seniors: Argentina, Argentina Architecture, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Architecture.

The official tourism site for the city of Buenos Aires provides helpful information.  Buenos Aires Guides in PDF are available in eleven different languages including English. The Frommer’s BA Guide (3rd Edition) sells for $17.99 and is full of information that you will want to know about this fabulous city.

This site called simply Places to Visit includes several very nice photos with an explanation why you will not want to miss this particular site. Another invaluable website is called Oh BUENOS AIRES! and provides a visual tour, street map, tango shows, photos and more.  Here you can click on a neighborhood zone and view tourist information on that particular section of the city.

All About AR says this about BA…”Buenos Aires, Argentina’s largest city, is a seductive world capital located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata. Portenos, as the diverse people of Buenos Aires are known, possess an elaborate and rich cultural identity. Built by European immigrants, Buenos Aires often surprises first-time visitors with its resemblance to parts of Barcelona, Paris, and Rome.”  Need I say more? ¡Buen viaje! jeb

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  1. I agree with you, Buenos Aires is “the Paris of the South”, is a fascinating city where you can find much kind of activities to do. I traveled with my wife and my 19 years old son, and we spend our time doing activities that were interesting for each one, a good example of that is that my son decided to do a Bike City Tour while my wife and I went to a day tour in Colonia, Uruguay. A really good activity that we all share and enjoy, was a Fiesta Gaucha, at Estancia Don Silvano, an outstanding activity that we had lots of enthusiasm to do, and allowed us to have the fortune to see the an entertaining sample of Argentine culture and folklore. It was great that after we take The Fiesta Gaucha, me and my family received a free tour through the city, for having registered with We finally conclude our incredible trip in Argentina, going to a Tango Dinner Show at Sr. Tango, an incredible place full of good music, food, and joy. We finally conclude our incredible trip in Argentina, going to a Tango Dinner Show at Sr. Tango, an incredible place full of good music, food, and joy.

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